[H] Kazzak - Battle for Africa - Sunday Night Raiding - 4/9M


Battle for Africa originally started as a group of friends in the UK and ex-mythic raiders who couldn’t keep up with the 3-night a week style of raids. We previously raided in Legion in one night a week and achieved cutting edge and wanted to carry the same thing forward here.
We are now looking to recruit additional members to bolster our roster and give us more flexibility in compositions.
We are a very fun and loose guild who turn it on during raids on Sunday in order to maximise our attempts on bosses. The community is very tight and we all regularly enjoy playing multiple different games together.

<Raid Night>
Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 server time

<Roles Required>

Tanks: Closed

Healers: Paladin

Ranged DPS (High Priority): Warlock, Mage

Melee DPS: Closed

Of course, any exceptional applications from any players are always welcome, regardless of if that position is closed!

Because we only raid 1 night a week, things are a bit more relaxed here. There are regularly mythic+ runs going during the week to fill the time, as well as some PVP and occasionally alt runs for heroic. However, we expect players to follow the usual rules for raids, and this is even more crucial since we only do 1 night; whilst we are not expecting orange parses from everyone, we do hope that you know your class well enough to perform consistent DPS and can manage mechanics successfully when it is asked of you.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then please get in touch:

Discord - Doughnuts#6810

and we can have a chat about your application!


You guys need Fury Warriors?


Yeah dude we’re interested in a fury. Drop me a bell on discord :slight_smile:


I am Bumping this thread


Happy Monday


Hi dh ilvl 412 have 1/9 and want to progres more log around 90 m+ 1.6 rio


Still looking for Dps and Healers :slight_smile:


Updated roles required


Still in need of DPS and high priority on Healers!


Updated - High priority on healers


Still in need of DPS and high priority on Healers!


Now 4/9M. High priority for a warlock and mage.