[H] KAZZAK Fire mage looking guild on long term/perma

Fire mage ilvl 210, LF guild on kazzak[H] I am looking for semi-hc guild that raid 2/3 times per week, also doing m+ and some pvp.And I am looking for guild to join for a long period(or permanent) also for friendly and chill atmosphere where ppl do content I mentioned while having fun and bonding on discord, but ofc during raid time there is serious and dedicated approach. About me:friendly person, love to stay in late hours on discord and have fun with guild, 24yo mathematician (for rest info in private) and have exp in raiding,pvp, guild leading… So please pm me if you are recruiting discord or via blizzard whatever is easier for you or reply here :slight_smile: .
P.S. mount, tmog and achievment runs are also something that I’m always up to as helping guildies to gear or get something from my professions. My progress currently is 4/10 HC and i really want to finish heroic as soon as possible.
My discord:Nihlion#1374
Blizz: nistaa#2717

P.S. I am not in any guild atm, so don’t get confused because it’s shown that I am in one, probably just need to be updated.

Hello! Are u willing to realm xfer? :slight_smile: If so, check our post and give me a shout on bnet.

Have a great day!

We would be able to offer you a trial. Check out the post and poke us if you think this is for you:

If you’re willing to realm and server transfer, we may have a spot for you in our raid :slight_smile: