[H] [Kazzak] One Last Pull are recruiting!

[H][EU][Kazzak] One Last Pull are recruiting for HC!

One Last Pull are a newly reformed guild, looking to continue playing and raiding together into the future.

We’re a laid back group of people whose main aim is to play the game and have fun with one another, however that’s not to say we don’t put our focus faces on when in a raid. Most of us work full-time jobs and have families.

We can offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to become part of something potentially great.

We raid twice a week, Friday & Sunday 19:30 CEST to 22:30 CEST. Our aim is to gain AOTC by the end of each raid tier, with a potential dip into mythic should the opportunity arise. Our group ranges from fairly new players, to ‘retired’ mythic raiders and everything in-between. In our first week we’ve obtained 10/10 normal and will be commencing HC focus this coming reset.

What we can offer you:

  • an active discord with general chit chat as well as spicy memes.
  • a supportive, mature and friendly raid team.
  • raid consumables provided, including flasks, food and oils.
  • active m+ groups, who will make sure you’ve got a decent weekly and are always down to push.
  • if you’re a social butterfly, games outside of WoW. Many of our members enjoy among us/jackbox/league and more!

What we need from you:

  • a keen bean attitude!
  • a raid ready character, or the drive to reach it.
  • decent attendance. Things happen and we totally understand. We don’t want to pressure people, but by the same token it really helps out having a stable and reliable roster. A lot of us have significant IRL commitments and so balance is really important to us as a guild.

We are currently recruiting all DPS (particularly boomkins!) and a healer (preferably a paladin or Druid!)

Interested? Add BigJugs69#2726 (yes, really) or Crowdia#11603 to Bnet, alternatively Wuggles#8117 or Crowdia#0025 to Discord to chat or ask questions!