[H] LF Guild: Preservation Evoker

I’m a returning player that bought the xpac last week and currently I’m maining a preservation evoker, currently at ilvl 374 however this is changing rapidly (for now).

For now i’m living in a different timezone (east of GMT) meaning raid times etc are difficult for me, however I’d still like to find a group of people to play with more frequently which i guess most likely will be Mythic + content.

Is there a guild that is also (very) active during daytime (server time) which is looking for new people? if so, please let me know!

Kind regards

ahh i forgot to set my character correctly.
anyhow: Sporky is my Evoker

Hi Dude

were currently recruiting happy to chat further on bnet cervet#2247 will post the link below,

[H] Unwavering Fools (HC 7/8) - 2xDPS 1xMaintank - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com) :slight_smile:

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