[H] LF semi-hardcore raiding guild


34 year old danish male looking for semi-hardcore guild. Played a ton of Vanilla, TBC, Wotlk, classic wow and a small amount in BFA. Played in guild Vanguard, which was one of the best Kazzak guild back in the older expansions. Not that it is important, but was in TBC a top ranked arena 2v2 and 3v3 player, however I don’t intent to PVP in shadowlands.

Played Warlock, mage and rogue in earlier exp, now i’ll go with shadow Priest.

  • Raiding 2-3 days a week
  • Will be prepared in any manner necessary
  • Min/maxing every aspect of my play and ready to help others
  • Former class leader in 3/4 guilds that I have been in, not that I want to be it again, but it says something about how my approach to the game is.

My mantra is the six p’s = proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. :slight_smile:

Deathseal (Shadow Priest)

Hi Mindscrew,

Raid Times :date:

Wednesday 8:00 -11:00pm
Sunday 8:00 -11:00pm
Recruitment :white_check_mark:

High Priority
Mage - All specs considered
DH - Havoc main / Vengeance OS
Paladin - Protection / Retribution
Warlock - All specs considered
Medium Priority
Druid - Balance
Hunter - Beast Mastery / Marksmen
Death Knight / All specs considered
Lower Priority
Rogue / All specs considered
Shaman / All specs considered

Please note that many of our raiders are flexible which means we may consider exceptional applicants even if they are not the class/specs mentioned above.

Key Guild Insights :memo:

Experienced & transparent leadership
Strong Realistic expectations for each individual
Everyone is being re-trialed for Shadowlands
An enjoyable well-prepared raid environment
Speak English in raids
A solid core which has played together for years with Multiple Cutting-Edge players and have been both socially active and progressive raiding since 2008.
Our Goal is Cutting Edge with smooth progression without the Arrogant/Hardcore elitism.
We Enjoy pushing M+ Keys many of our team during BFA Pushed 15 and 23 level keys.
Raider Expectations :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Dont be toxic
Generally, most members are 25+, 18+ minimum
6 out of 8 Raids minimum attendance in a period over Each Calendar Month, Reasonable adjustments for Annual Leave/Work commitments etc / Notice Required
Full consumables on progression or recent boss kills
Prior preparation to the raid, including class optimisation, in game mechanics/raid mechanics + Guild strategy/Weakauras.
The ability to take constructive criticism and an eagerness to provide help to others in an open environment.
Keeping up with all the in-game power systems and showing up to every raid as powerful as reasonably possible
Open and honest communication. A microphone is required, and you must have the ability to communicate during a raid
Application Process :white_check_mark:

Go to our discord: https://discord.gg/Puuu8Ta 4

Read #Apply-Here

Fill out the application thoroughly

Post your completed application into the #application-pending channel

You will then be contacted by an Officer

About Us :white_check_mark:

With Shadowlands around the corner, a handful of us returned and established on Draenor late into the final tier of BfA - Ny’alotha & Pre Patch. Over the past few years, the core of the guild has played together across various expansions and servers in both Pve and PvP. Driven by the prospect of the upcoming expansion, more and more people showed interest in joining us once again. Along with this core, old friends, and new faces we set out to create a successful, efficient, and enjoyable mythic raiding environment.

The ideal guild member engages with the guild and enjoys spending time with other guildmates. This includes activities outside of raids such as M+, PvP, or various other non-wow related things. Many of us have been friends for years and have played a wide array of video games together apart from WoW, while this is not mandatory, it is encouraged, we dont just want to be a raid group, but rather a group of friends.

We hope you find this fit refreshing and modern-day expectations on a culture driven progressive mythic raiding guild.

Hope to hear from you Soon :wave:

** Officer: Mellø / Battletag:Jake#2883**

Hi friend

I know it isnt your realm, but have a look:

Hey mate, if youre still looking for somewhere to join feel free to message me at mafs#1817 on bnet!

Mafs#1817 on discord sorry*

In the beginning of your msg i just thought you were speaking about me and my post, but now I see your replying to Darkshikari’s post :slight_smile:

Thanks for info tho.

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We are interested Mindscrew! discord contact: Winter#2005

Hi. I run a 2 night/week guild on Stormscale. We have managed to get some good world ranking, and always CE, before. Add me on discord and we could chat.

my tag is wbwb#3125