[H] Looking for a new guild

Hey there,

I’m Erinth
Returned to wow in BFA and been a DH main since BoD.
Past mythic raid experience since the return - BoD 8/9, EP 8/8, NYA 12/12 and currently 9/10 CN
Been progressing mostly as Havoc in the past, but would also be interested in giving a tanking a go. (Old healer/tank main from earlier expansions)

Current guilds ran into some roster/attendance issues so here i am.

I’m currently looking for either a 2 or 3 day guild with a chill atmosphere to banter and clear mythic with now and in the future.

I also push and farm keys to some extent (dps/tank) and try to keep 1-2 alts up to relative ilvl and shape to be able to switch it up as needed.
(Currently been working on a lock (214ilvl) to have some rdps in the pocket aswell.)

Disc: Jukki#1896
Bnet: JuKKi#2888

Hi Erinth,

Would love to speak with you more, please have a look at our recruitment post and if it interests you, please do add me on battle.net (Psykick06#2401)

Look forward to hearing from you,