[H] Looking for casual guild for all aspects of the game

I am have returned to WoW at the end of BFA after burning out with the AP grind months back.

I main a Warrior (DPS only as I’m not keen on tanking) on the Stormscale server EU.
However, I am willing to transfer to another server should it be relatively populated.

All of my friends have unfortunately left the game and as a result, I am searching for a guild partaking all aspects of the game with a huge focus on social aspects, fun and a general laid back enviroment.

Regarding PVE, I am looking to get into raids and mythic+ for shadowlands, after neglecting this kind of content for the past few expansions. I work a hectic job but should be able to commit to raiding 2-3 nights a week and would ideally want to progressively push for a heroic clear of current raid tiers.

PVP wise, I am looking to get back into PVP with casual arena and battlegrounds, with calm and understanding people. I have previously only climbed to just under 1800 rating, playing with friends with friends for fun.

Any offers would be greatly appreciated and considered.
Thank you for reading this text wall :slight_smile:

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G’day mate!! Sounds like we could offer what you’re looking for. An extremely active guild which plays for the sheer joy of it and has calendar stuff going on almost on a daily basis still now, 10 days before prepatch.

We’re no CE guild, never will be, but we do some Mythic raiding and we’re looking at getting to the 2nd half of the Mythic raid in SL. Our forte is an EXTREMELY lively guild, gchat and Discord (some channel names could get me banned on forums probably), helpful people, and calendar stuff almost every day of the week.

Rosters ebb and flow, so we’re not looking for any particular role, but more for like-minded people. We have 3-4 people who can pivot to any role (tank, heal, rdps, mdps) so we try to make room for anyone to play what they like. I started tier as tank, then healed, then rdps on my hunter.

Give us a shout if this sounds good to you.

LepantoESP#4381 on Discord

Good morning Zaneon,

I represent a guild called Faster than Lag which has very recently started in preparation for SL, our post below details our intentions and previous history in terms of raiding.

As we continue our recruitment and the guild activity picks up, our focus remains fully fixed on SL as that is where we aim to build up progression with curve each tier. You will find a couple of members who are happy to PvP currently and likely more once SL goes live, I can say that my partner would be very happy to learn Arena for example.

If you like our post and have any questions then please add me LFC#21212.

Greetings Zaneon,

Our guild (Horde, Saurfang) is currently recruiting players looking for a sense of community and a place to call home. Our main focus is making sure that everyone feels welcome and has a great time, whether it be just chatting amongst ourselves or grinding dungeons, participating in guild events or anything in between.

As of now, the guild’s numbers are relatively few due to very recently coming back from inactivity. So at this point in time, I cannot promise that we’ll be raiding in Shadowlands, at least not straight away. The majority of us who are actively playing do have raiding experience, so future raiding is not completely off the table.

If you’re interested, have any questions or just want to chat, you can find me on Discord (Veletala#8483) or on Battle.net (Veletala#2216).

Best of luck in your hunt for a guild :slight_smile:


Hello there,
Are you interested in a semi-hardcore late night raiding guild with 3 days a week schedule.(Kazzak Horde) Raiding times from 22pm to 01am. Our goal is heroic clear on every raid tier and pushing mythic.Our guild consists of only mature players with experience,friendly enviroment and no toxicity. If you’re interested whisper me on my battlenet Serphentos#2992

Hi Zaneon,

See some information about us below :slight_smile:
Pop on over if you are interested…

What is Rekindled?

A mixed group of new and veteran WoW players who have spent our time together building a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable environment.
Our doors are open to like-minded players who prefer a more laid back gaming experience, while having a laugh and making friends in the process.
We’re an adult guild, many of us have families and other commitments (as much as we’d like to be playing WoW all day) so we’re looking for other adults to join us.

Who are Rekindled?

Our community has become fast friends. For us the person comes first, the character second, or as we like to say the person comes before the pixel.
We enjoy helping each other, organise social events and competitions, and most of all enjoy each others company, there’s always someone chatting away in guild or discord.
We have recently branched out into other games, including among us, sea of thieves and a discord adapted version of the family classic Werewolves. We even have a regular Dungeons & Dragons evening.

There’s a lot of veteran players in our guild, people who have returned to the game, found us and made themselves a new home.
We are VERY accommodating for new players, if you’ve had a bad experience elsewhere, please give us a try.

Who are Rekindled not?

We are not a progression focused raiding guild. While we do have tons of raid progression experience (from our youthful days in BC and Wrath) we’re not interested in hardcore raid progression anymore. That being said, we do have regular evenings where we do everything from PVE, progress, raids, achievements, transmog (the true end game), mount farm and much much more.

We are not a pressurised guild. You do you! Whatever it is that you enjoy most about World of Warcraft, that is what we encourage. Play the class you love, play the spec you love.

How to reach us:

Please follow the link to our Discord, it’s the best way to get in contact with one of the team.
Battlenet: Xrathia#2653

Alternatively, get in touch with us ingame.
We are based on the old RP-PVP cluster: Scarshield Legion/Ravenholdt/The Venture Co/Sporeggar/Defias Brotherhood/Darkmoon Faire/Earthern Ring

If you’re on a different server, then we encourage players to create an alt and get to know us.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

Heyo Sharpeblade. I have started a new guild on Boulderfist as Horde. (swedes, norwegians and danish peeps. Mostly swedes) we are recruiting new members to join our community ^^ If you’re from sweden, norwegian or denmark we would like to have you! The Guild is a social, casual raiding guild. We do not have a progress 'cause the guild is new :slight_smile: We are going to raid in Shadowlands and do m+ and some events that we actually have started doing now! The events are and going to be achievement/mount/tmogs runs for now. And will probably be more in the future! Like I said, we are not raiding now, we are going to start doing it in Shadowlands, for now we are doing some events and helping those who need help in mythic dungeons. If you like to know more please add zEm #2675 (Swedish) and/or AaronM #2931 (norwegian) and they will help you out! :slight_smile: zEm is going to be online at 19.00 tonight and lead an event because I am working evening shift this week :slight_smile: I hope to hear more from you and hopefully see you in the guild :wink: Have a nice evening and take care! / Azzari

Hey Zaneon! :slight_smile:

Maybe see if TheNightShift is a good fit for you?