(H) Looking for mythic european raid group

Rshaman and boomkin are looking for mythic raid group to finish CN/ push SoD. We both have decent english, discord available, ready to transfer to your realm and slay mythic sylvanas in 9.1.

Our decision to transfer is based on current WoW state in russian community: it’s either too toxic so you don’t want to stay there (and have fun obviously) or too casual that people don’t take this game serious enough. We can talk more about it (and not just it) and discuss our capabilities on discord.

Current CN progress is 6/10 but we’re working hard to kill as much bosses as possible this raid tier. Both of us are motivated, hard learners, that are willing to improve and progress as players. We barely miss any raid times (only if something really (REALLY) bad happens), not toxic, chill players.

Our logs are available here:


hey guys,

you guys seem some laid back guys that are still focused and are looking for some progression. we are currently trying to get CE before 9.1 and definitely intend to be a CE guild from 9.1 onwards

here is some additional info:

let me know in case you are interested! you can find my discord info in the post above


Here’s a little about us if you are interested.

Hey guys!

We, the people at Back From Hell, Would love to have you be part of our guild.

Hey guys, u sounds like a perfect fit for us, here is some info of us :slight_smile:

[H][Draenor] 5/10M Looking for a Raidleader and Healer/Dps - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment
OrganizedChaos is a fairly new guild, most of us started to raid late in this tier, but on short notice we killed 5/10M. We had some back and forth due to our raid leader quit the game. But every raider that we have is really commited. We currently recruiting Healer, DPS and a Raid Leader, but all classes/specs is interesting!
We raid Wednesday & Sundays 20:00-23:00ST

For 9.1 we aiming for CE, but with a fun relaxing atmosphere. We strongly believe u can get CE without any toxic enviorment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly on Bnet or Discord or even post in the forum
Bnet: Allayna#2391 Discord: Allayna#0835
Bnet: Zhorah#2554 Discord: Maxx#9611

hey there!!! :slight_smile:
we are team gorgeous and we are 5/10m (invera got hit to 13% last raid night) so looking to push tonight and go onto the lovely dancing :stuck_out_tongue:
we are looking for a shaman and a boomie infact! your english seems to be brilliant by your typing! so guessing your speach is just as amazing!
i love that you are not toxic and are chill players! i love the fact on motivation to become the better version of your classes!

if you are interested please add me on battle net and we can chat more,
we raid monday and thursday 20-2300ST


Привет! I’m from Regrettable Decisions, a 2 night guild on Ragnaros, and we’re currently looking for new players to continue Nathria and then raid Sanctum. Our wowprog has a link to our discord if we sound like a good fit (or i can just send you a link if you’re interested). :slight_smile:
There’s an application channel in there with a few questions, or if you’d prefer to use voice then that’s fine too!