[H] - Mistweaver needs a raiding guild!

Hi everyone ! :slight_smile:

I’m a main mistweaver monk looking for a raiding / m+ guild.

I’ve been a heroic / mythic raider all up to Ny’alotha. At that time I took a break from wow due to personal reasons and unfortunately I was too late to make it to the roaster in my guild where I’m now. The guild is amazing and I love those people :heart: , but I just have to find some raiding guild.

My biggest priority is the raiding hours, because every other week I work till 21:00. So I would love to have raiding time since 21:00 or 21:30.

I’m a 21 y.o. chill guy with love for the game and people - u won’t find drama around me :slight_smile: .

ATM I’m at Tarren Mill but if I like the guild I don’t mind switching realms one bit ! :slight_smile:

If you looking for a mistweaver and your raiding time fits mine, u can contact me anytime on:
Discord: Yraall#1504.

Looking foward to hear from you !

Have a great rest of the day ! :heart: :slight_smile:

Aims to be a Mythic Raiding Guild, As a fresh guild our focus is Ahead of the Curve and building a Mythic ready stable roster

Side Note: Currently we are full on Tanks and are looking for DPS and Healers

What Do We Offer?
1- A positive and laid back atmosphere
2- Mythic+ teams/farms
3- An active discord

Raiding Days
Wednesday 8 ST - 10 ST
Thursday 8 ST - 10 ST
Saturday 8 ST - 10 ST

What Do We Expect?
-Knowledge of your class
-90% Attendance
-Working microphone and a decent connection and a stable pc
-Ability to communicate in English and using Discord
-Able to get constructive criticism

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We are in need of healers atm, so maybe you can check the below recruitment message. In case you like it, we can discuss more on bnet.