{H} Mithril Knights - seeking awesome ppl! (6/8 M)

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12/04/2018 10:51Posted by Lumapuma
11/04/2018 10:00Posted by Shivers
Still looking for people? I'm looking for a new home after a longing break from the game and this guild seems right up my alley!

Depending on what you're looking for, we always welcome new members! (Especially for our "social" roster for normal/heroic Antorus. Mythic promotion usually goes through that)

If you're interested feel free to message any of our officers (for example Arbalest-Hellscream, Naelas-Hellscream or me: Lumapuma-Aggramar) But in theory anyone can invite you! (You can just search "mithril knights" in the /who search (or press "o" and search for us) and message someone online.)

Yeah it's just social I'm after. My lifestyle at the moment doesn't really lend itself well to regular raiding and I'll not be able to play too often!

(Ddeemmoonn) #22
hi guys still recruiting? i will be glad to join you guys. DH 965 and warlock 960
add me gamito#2930

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Bumpity > Straight to the top \o/


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Bump for 11/11 Mythic - Hurrah!!!

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Bump for BFA !

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Hey, r u guys still recruiting? I whisped to someone from the guild, but didn't got an answer.

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Indeed but they may have been afk - try and catch me on line

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Bump for 3/8 Mythic !

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Bump for being awesome

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bump for Mythic Vectis !

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22/10/2018 19:37Posted by Arbalest
bump for Mythic Vectis !

Are you still recruiting? I have a 372 DH on the Alliance side of this server, unfortunately the guild i'm currently in just isn't cutting.

I'm willing to work my way up from the bottom if necessary, if you would prefer to chat in game please add me.


(Arbalest) #33
Hi Gekthar - sorry I forgot to check on the post!

Our main roster isnt really recruiting anymore, there is some consideration to strong candidates on the second roster - but of course being a melee class is always met with tough competition.

I will suggest to the 2nd roster raid leader to chat with you if he wants another DH

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Oh - and belated bump for Mythic Fetid a week or so ago :D

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Bump - Mythic Zul on our core team and Zekvoz on our 2nd team

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Our 2nd team is now 4/8 ! good times all around


<3 Love you Mike <3

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Bump - Mithril Knights are now 9/9 Heroic and 2/9 Mythic on the Mythic Roster, with the Epic Roster being 6/9 and 1/9 Mythic.

Now I just got to figure out how to update the forum title :slight_smile: