[H] Monk Swiss Army Knife looking for a new home

35 year old Monk Swiss Army Knife is looking for a new guild.
First of all I’m not looking for a permanent spot in a raid roster, I simply don’t have a schedule that could fit that, but I wouldn’t mind a backup or social for the occasional raid.
I’ve been doing M+ since Legion, I enjoy it a lot and these short dungeons with not major time commitment fit my schedule perfectly, but I feel like I’m missing out on the raiding aspect of the game lately and I want to get into that again, I’ve started clearing Castle on Normal and once my healing gear is more up to date I’d like to start Heroic and potential Mythic at some point.
I don’t mind transfering server if thats required, Silvermoon is pretty low on Hordes and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that out in the world.

My WoW history started half way into Vanilla, I leveled a mage and cleared MC with that, after 2 raids or so the guild collapsed after a server transfer and I decided it was time to try something else, the mage didn’t feel as fun end game as I had hoped, I leveled a Paladin and once it hit end game it was obviously Holy. I kept clearing everything apart from Naxx on the Paladin and continued way into TBC, at somepoint I leveled a Druid healed the remaineder of TBC and all of Wrath as well. In Cataclysm I parked the Druid and took up a Shaman and healed everything with that all the way into WoD, also did a lot more PvP with the Shaman and the raid aspect was turned down for a while. End of WoD I boosted my Monk and instantly fell in love with the class, the healing was nothing like I had tried before and I had very hard time going back to either of my previous classes and I’m still rocking the Monk in all 3 specs.

Schedule: Mon, Wed and Friday (all of this is subject to change due to Family and Work)
Spec: Well I play all 3 specs however I prefer healing (funny enough it was the last spec I started farming gear for)

So what am I really looking for?
I’m looking for equal minded people who knows that for some hardcore attendance simply isn’t possible anymore, I used to play WoW every day all day from when School/Work ended until I went to bed, that is simply not possible anymore when you have a wife and 2 kids that needs attention, and they come first.
As stated previously I’m not looking to be your number 1 always there raid healer, I wouldn’t be able to keep that promise, I want to be part of a community where I could be standby/social even, as long as there are fellow minded players with a relaxed attitude towards clearing raids and M+ (I’m not planning on slacking my way through the expansion don’t get me wrong, when it’s time to perform I always do my very best).

If my profile sound interresting hit me up on Rollyjoger#5833 (discord) and lets have a chat.

Hi there!

Maybe Sabotage is the guild for you? Message me if you are interested! <Sabotage> (Social, PvE, PvP) is recruiting! [Defias Brotherhood]