[H] <Mutiny> 6/9M Be our next MUTINEER!

(Tyrien) #1

AVAST ME HEARTIES! We are looking for a few brave souls to take the plunge and climb aboard with us at Mutiny hailing from Magtheridon Horde EU.

About Mutiny

Our crew be made up of long term mutineers and salty seadogs. Having been on our mythic voyage since 2014 our guild has remained a strong and stable sailboat for the hearty crew that make up Mutiny. Let’s just say, there won’t be any bumpy seas where we headin!

Whilst we pillage and plunder our way through mythic content, we understand that every crewmen needs their one day ashore and venture into the real world. That be mighty fine by us!

To get a feel of our guild, check out our recruitment videos! - https://bit.ly/2XbEzhy

And take a look at our website - www.mutinyeu.com

When do we raid?
Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. 20-23 Server.

Our raids are good fun, a mixture of top bants and deep focus. Seriously, it’s good stuff. Like raiding crack without the dodgy dealers or hangovers.

We also do various other guild activities like M+, achievement runs, old raids, levelling, PVP and the odd drunken raid!

So what are we after?

We be after committed and dedicated sea dogs, willing to get their hands dirty as we pillage and plunder our way through mythic content. Ideally your gear is of a similar level to the content we are tackling and you have some experience of mythic content.

A positive attitude is a must and remember we are a small family who will laugh with you, cry with you and sometimes share the odd inappropriate meme with you. But if you join us, you will be welcomed into our fun-loving humble abode!

Your idea of DPS isn’t a gentle sedate tapping of a memorised rotation on a target dummy, instead it is a fire breathing onslaught race of epic proportions against everyone else. You can’t sleep at night knowing that filthy mage has beaten you on the meters yet again!

Currently we are open to all Ranged DPS classes but we especially need…

  • Elemental Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Boomkin
  • Shadow Priest
  • Rogue


Are you dropping heals slicker than Dr Dres beats? Do you whisper in Spanish to yourself “Los héroes nunca mueren”… then step right up and climb aboard!

We are currently looking for one of the following:

  • Shaman
  • Priest
  • Monk

What are you waiting for? Sharpen your swords and join us!

For more info please check out our website (yeah we still use those) or contact me on battlenet.




Class information updated!! Check out our Website!

(Tyrien) #3

Updated class info, looking for some more DPS


Updated class information! Looking for a tank and some new DPS to flesh out our roster!

(Tyrien) #5

Updated class information. Especially keen on melee DPS!


We have updated various information on our website! :slight_smile:

(Tyrien) #7

Updated class info. Looking for a Demon Hunter, Rogue and Shaman DPS preferably!


Updated class info. Still looking for a few more DPS to help bolster our Mythic progress team!

(Tyrien) #9

Updated info, looking for a few more DPS to flesh out our mythic roster!


Now at 9/9NM and 3/9HC. We are looking for some more DPS to flesh out our mythic team!

(Tyrien) #11

Looking for a few dps, especially a warrior and also 1 healer!


Currently in need of a holy paladin and a warrior DPS

(Tyrien) #13

We are 8/9HC now, still would like some nice new DPS to join us!


Now at 2/9M! Still looking for some more people to join us!

(Tyrien) #15

Now at 3/9M!


We are 9/9HC now too, mainly looking for a rogue!

(Tyrien) #17

Looking for a couple of strong DPS to join the team!


We are currently looking for a couple of strong DPS to join the team!

(Tyrien) #19

Looking for a couple of DPS, preferably a Rogue and a Warlock


Looking for a few more DPS to join!