H / N LFRP - Looking for a home!

Sorry about the post, taking to the forums as I am completely lost, trying to find a home for my Tauren.

It’s been a long time since I’ve found a guild with that real sense of IC and OOC community that I adore. I’d simply love some help / advice finding a home. Because, looking around in Org and the like has not found me much like.

I play an IC shaman focused on the restorative arts and working with the water elementals, not much of a combat character, but a healer. I truly would love to properly get to RP this guild, i’d be more partial to an adventure guild than militant admittedly, due to the nature of the character.

Any suggestions or aid would be so wonderful as I am so stumped.

Hello there.

Can wholeheartedly recommend Red Ventures, a friendly adventure guild with great people in it!

And the guild is part of a larger community too, with lots of epic events.


I can say that Red Venturers are a very cool guild that could suit u my friend, mercenaries with morals and the power of friendship !!!


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