[H] <Off Balance> [10/10HC] [1/10M] Recruiting DPS

:point_right: Off Balance is now recruiting - AotC to CE :point_left:

We are a 3-night/week raiding guild, formed from a group of experienced Mythic raiders, PvPers and friends.

We have decided to form a guild as soon as Castle Nathria launched as we felt we wanted a group of like minded individuals with the same mentality of wanting to achieve high-end progress within a 3-night a week raiding schedule.

Our Raid Days Are:
Wednesday - 20:00 - 23:00
Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00
Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00

Currently, we are looking for players who would like to be a part of a guild that is working towards Cutting Edge within a 3-night schedule, and meet a few basic requirements to not hinder our progress.

These are some of the base requirements we ask of our applicants:
:point_right: Ilvl 205+
:point_right: Minimum 80% attendance.

Due to the nature of high end raiding; we expect dedication from our members. It will be essential that you prepare your character, and learn the mechanics of the fights to best optimize our chances of success within our 9 hour/week raiding schedule.

Outside of raids we expect members get their weekly vault requirements completed, and socializing within the guild in order to create a friendly and progressive environment.

We are dedicated in our resolve, with a drive to make this guild a success! We have successfully run guilds before, and intend to achieve this again as we know what it takes to make it happen.

If you are interested in getting involved and finding a place within a new and upcoming team please get in touch!

APPLY HERE :point_down:

Or if you wish to be a social member within the guild please message Kazzo, Sombra, Lyiriana or Scummybear in-game.

We’ll be looking forward to your application :tada:

We are now set on tanks, but are open to both healers and DPS of any type!

Send us an application, and we’ll be happy to discuss your future in Off Balance :star_struck:

For info, feel free to connect with me on btag: Altare#21744

We’re still looking for good applicants!

Healers and RDPS is still in demand! Let us know if you think we might be a fit for you :white_check_mark:

Are you a solid RDPS, then we’re looking for you :tada:

We’re currently progressing on Sire. Come join us in the kill, and in our adventure towards Cutting Edge.

We’re currently looking for warlock/warrior/WW to bolster our Mythic team :slight_smile:

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