[H] or [A] Holypriest 417 lfg


Hello Community.

I am looking for a new home with my Holypriest. Its the char on the left or

h ttps://www.raider.io/characters/eu/neptulon/Alphaelf

The fraction does not really matter. I am willing to change to horde if the guild is what i am searching for.

I am playing WoW since the day of release with only a break in “Catyclysm”. In all the years i played a healing class as mainchar.

You can expect an mature player that knows his class and that really likes the PvE-Content of WoW.

I am not searching for a guild to raid Nhc but i also dont want to raid hardcore mythiccontent.

My goal is to clear the HC-Content of every tier in an acceptable time and then do a little bit of mythic.

If our goals are the same feel free to cantact me.


(Laorii) #2

Heya! This is my recruitment: [H-DRAENOR] DHX - HEROIC AND MYTHIC RAIDING

We raid 2/3 days a week depending on need, starting in heroic and working our way through mythic. We are a social bunch of loot hos, who live on discord and love mythic plus. Best to read the post and if it interests you give me an add on battletag LAORII#2787, or one of the other officers listed in the post. Cheeeeeeers!! :sunglasses:


Hello mate, if you’re open to realm change AND faction change we’re over on Draenor Horde.

We’re currently 2/2 heroic in CoS, raiding 3 nights a week, Wed, Thurs and Sun, 8pm-11pm ST. We’re not expecting or even aiming for Cutting Edge, just to get Curve within a couple of weeks, then just do a few on mythic without getting frustrated and hitting our faces against the wall for weeks on end!

We have quite a few healers at the moment, but a good chunk of them are social players, and unreliable.

We have a solid core of players who push M+ keys if that’s your thing, with them 1.6k - 2k raiderio rated.

We have a bunch of information on our website:

www.digtial-doom. co. uk (without the spaces)

Or have a look at out recruitment post:

Either way, good luck finding a guild out there. There’s plenty around that’s for sure!



Hi Traxxal,

I believe we have the same attitude and goals towards raiding, and we are a mature community that is recently re-established and looking to expand the team for mythic progress.

I have added you on bnet as tafaryan, you can also find our recruitment post below:

Hope to talk to you soon, and best of luck in your search for a new home.