[H] PvE - <POST MORTEM> - Shazzrah-EU - 2 days raiding schedule - Fresh guild


POST MORTEM on SHAZZRAH EU/PVP (HORDE) - 2 day raiding schedule - Fresh Guild

Hi! We are a bunch of OG vanilla players coming back together to the place where it all began. With the opportunity to experience everything anew we are very keen on recreating the experience just as Blizzard meant for us. Most of the founders are veterans who have played the game from its initial release in 2004 clearing AQ40 and Naxx all the way to clearing Mythic raids in Legion and BfA, and now we are looking for a bunch of people that want to experience Vanilla with us and have a similar passion for the game. We will start the guild from scratch. We don’t care if you are new to classic or a veteran. We want to enjoy Azeroth in its pure form and clear raid content without WoW taking over our lives


  • Recreate original Vanilla experience
  • Clear raid content in a timely manner
  • Create a healthy, active sense of community and inclusion within the guild
  • Do cool stuff in Azeroth

Guild structure:
While we do intend to clear raids in a timely manner, we do not strive for a server first or push people into powerleveling. We respect the fact that people have jobs and social lives. That is why our guild development will be phased into two parts.

Part 1:

  • Focus on leveling, and appreciate the classic Azeroth experience.
  • Building a healthy and active sense of community within the guild. This way we can enjoy everything Azeroth has to offer.

Part 2:

  • Transition towards end-game content in a structured, rapid and well organized way
  • Focus on clearing end-game content on a 2 day/week schedule
  • Maintaining the social structure established in Part 1

What do we expect of you (all members):

  • Being able to communicate in English
  • Social, mature and constructive attitude
  • Willing to play together
  • Don`t be a lone wolf


  • Little raiding experience is fine, but willingness to learn and quickly adapt is mandatory
  • Eager to learn how to play your class better
  • Have a mic be able to speak through it
  • Come prepared to raids (bring pots/flasks to progression raids)
  • High focus during raid times
  • Be on time
  • High attendance

Raid times:

Loot system:
EPGP subject to change

What we offer:

  • A dedicated and knowledgeable core of players that are very helpful
  • Experienced high-level raid leading and organization during raids
  • Your BiS items and an opportunity to clear relevant endgame content
  • Fun, laid-back and mature social community outside of raids
  • Guild Events, goofing around in Azeroth

Dig our philosophy and want to know more details? Check out our discord or DM me

Discord Tag: Mike [Ashbest]#0170