H - resto shaman / holy priest looking for a progression guild

Hey there,

I am a long time player, playing since vanilla WoW (skipping out on a few expansions). Started raiding again in BFA 8.3 and got to 11/12M in my current guild as a beast mastery hunter (when they were still top dps :slight_smile: ).
Only played a few bosses on mythic with my hunter and decided that I want to go healing and stepped down from mythic raiding as dps.
Currently running a resto shaman (215) and holy priest (220) (and several other lvl 60 chars), enjoying healing very much. Would like to find a new mythic progression home in a friendly guild that raids 2 evenings a week (pref Tuesday and Thursday). Always trying to improve as much as I can and help out where I can.

If you think your guild is suitable for me,
you can contact me on gerthethert#2680

Hi Gerthethert,

Hope your good.
We have one final spot open in our mythic raid team and would be welcomed to speaking to you.

Please have a look at our post below and if it interests you, please do contact me on battlenet - Psykick06#2401