[H] Resto Shaman LF guild - The Sha'Tar

Hi! With SL just around the corner, I’m looking for a casual/raiding guild who are after a resto SHM for dungeon/raid content. I used to play an Alliance Shaman from WotlK to Legion but took a break through BfA.

I recently came back to the game, rolled up a new Horde Shammy (cos Vulpera) and yeah…

I’m a UK player so looking for a GMT/GMT+1 focussed guild.

Rat Pack

Hey m8,

I know for 100%, we can give you a good home.
Look the url and contact me.

Dont read the guys above me. We are better. Look into it :slight_smile:

Fantastic - thank you. Just messaged one of your officers on Discord.

Hi there

We would love a Resto Shammy

Take a look and let me know?