[H] Ret Paladin LF HC raiding guild

I have been looking for a raiding guild for some time, since my old guild collapsed after clearing 10/10 HC CN and beginning mythic progress. I used to play a warlock, but switched to my Ret Paladin since i find it more enjoyable. My current item level is 209 and I am hoping to find a friendly, outgoing guild with a friendly raid environment as well as active mythic +, before the release of patch 9.1.

About Myself
I’m 26 years old, from Denmark and currently studying. I have been playing WoW since vanilla, and have raided ever since TBC. I’m not aiming to do any type of hardcore mythic progress, but i would atleast like to down every raid on Heroic difficulty. I am currently playing on Stormreaver, but i have no issues switching to a different realm if I find the right guild.

What i am looking for in a guild
I would like to find a friendly mature guild, with a raid team that aims to down every raid on heroic difficulty. The perfect guild would have an active chat and an active community.

Raid Availability:
I would be able to raid two days a week. No Preferred days, and time around 19-23 server time.

What you can expect from me

  • You can expect a dedicated player, who will have no issues helping out with whatever it might be when available.
    -A friendly, down to earth guy.
  • A raider that always shows up prepared and on time

Hope to hear from you!

Hi Kendrir,

Would you be interested in joining our THURSDAY raid team? They are currently 1/10M and clear HC regularly before trying out some of the easier Mythic bosses. They ALWAYS get AotC. And we achieve it with only 1 day/week raiding which leaves people to do the other stuff like M+/PvP/Real life etc. Check out the link.
Happy to have a chat on Discord if you’re interested.

Hi Kendrir!

My guild may be just what you’re looking for. We’ve recently moved to Draenor and are rebuilding before we start raiding again - so I can’t promise a bustling community quite yet! - but we will be aiming for Curve each tier with a two-day raiding schedule.

You can read more about us here -

Feel free to nudge me for a chat via Bnet or Discord (info in the original post) or f we’re not quite what you’re looking for, good luck with your search! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply!

I am currently on trial in a guild. But thank you once again!


Please reach out if u want to join

Add me for a talk.Oldsquid my char name ingame/twisitng nether or add btag Fao#21189