[H] Ret Paladin looking for raiding guild


Looking for a raiding guild for shadowlands. This is due to me taking a 2 month break at the end of bfa and my current guild has a full raiding roster now as I didn’t know if I was coming back for shadowlands

I was a mythic level raider in BFA getting 6/12 in nyalotha. I was holy in BFA but I have made the switch to ret for shadowlands as its a spec I have never played before. For the mythic+ side of things I ended up on like 3.1k rio score.

Little bit about myself:
28 years old
Raided in wow since the end on TBC usually at a heroic or mythic level
Always dedicated towards being the best raider I can be, spend my time looking at strats and guides

The days I am available are Mon, Tue, Wed and Thurs at whatever time.

Any more information you would like to learn feel free to add me on bnet T0m#21289 or discord T0m#8255

Hi there

Please have a look and let me know: