[H] Returning Healer LF Mythic Raiding!

Hi folks,

My name is Joe, I am 31 and from the UK, and I am in search of a guild long term for 9.1 and beyond. I have played WoW regularly since mid-Burning Crusade, raiding intermittently throughout that time, at different levels of raiding, from the highest level to purely AotC guilds. I would like to find a nice community of people with whom I can get back into raiding and enjoy the game. I highly prefer being a healer and have most of my raid experience with this.

My current ‘main’ character is my Resto Druid. I do have raid experience on nearly all of the healers, but these would need to be levelled/geared. I would highly prefer a fairly stable healing spot on the raid team. I don’t mind DPS’ing occasionally if a situation calls for it, but healing really is what I enjoy and keeps me playing so that is what I would like to do! :slight_smile:

Here is what I am looking for:

  • Raids twice a week at most.
  • I would like to delve into Mythic raiding again, at least getting a solid amount through the raid and up towards Cutting Edge.
  • Server doesn’t matter, I am happy to transfer. However, I do want to stay Horde.
  • A strong, social community that chat both inside and outside of the game. An active guild discord for both voice and text chat is important. I’m not the sort of person to only log on for raid times, and would like people who regularly run M+/Torghast etc together as a guild group.
  • At the end of the day, I just want to enjoy my time in WoW with a cool group of people, killing bosses, getting loot and enjoying the game!

If this sounds like your guild, then please get in touch, or comment below and hopefully I can find a new long-term guild and meet some awesome new people.

If you want to get in touch, I am Yakkiran#21902 on battle.net or Yakkiran#8240 on Discord.



Hi Yakki,

Ive added you on battlenet, this is our recruitment post for your convenience.
I believe we would be the perfect match for you.
Look forward to speaking with you soon.