[H] Returning Mage/Paly LF guild

Greetings from Denmark. I’m a 45y old fart of a guy returning after I completely skipped BfA, save for leveling my main, just to see the expansion.

Originally a Wrath-baby social, I turned to raiding during ICC, eventually rising to be raidleader of a 10-man team in an extremely casual guild, that somehow managed to take a team to Glory (11/12hc + mount achis). Stepped up my game during Cata, MoP and WoD where I got full hc (and later mythic) clear of all the raids (as raider, not leader).

Started out as Mythic raider in Legion as well, but quickly tired and went social, eventually stopping alltogether; the fact that you had to be online basically 24/7 to run Mythic dungeons and WQs just for a tiny chance to get gear that was way better than anything dropped in raids. That simply wasn’t for me.

Getting the best gear for raids is quite fine with me, grinding crap for rep and/or currency to get enchants and what have you. But getting the BEST gear SHOULD imo be about getting drops as a raider! Grinding mats and recipes for 1-2 pieces are fine.

Anyways. Rant over. Now we look ahead:
I’m probably one of the few people who doesn’t mind the xp release date delayed. I’m a wound specialist nurse currently studying a health diploma course, which will take up most of my spare time until Nov 25th.

Who am I:
My main is Arcane Mage. Always have been. Wrote guides for Wowhead during cata as well as a raid guide for DS.
I have alts of every class (except DK), but the only one I can see myself raiding on (aside from my main ofc) is my tankadin.

What am I looking for:
HORDE only. No exceptions!
English speaking only. You can’t speak Danish when talking about fantasy. Just doesn’t work for me.
Prefer PvE. Toons currently sit on Moonglade (which is RP). You’d have to make a pretty good sell to get me on a PvP realm again.
Social/raid guild.
Tbh I’m not 100% sure the game will attract me enough again to dedicate myself to be a Mythic raider. With my Paly I do NOT possess the skills to raid on that high level. If anything I’d prefer a guild that went “old-school” and did a roster of 11-13 people to do strict 10-man. I’d prefer a small guild with 10 friends to a huge roster mythic guild with 30 acquintances.

Feel free to drop a line if you happen to have room for me :slight_smile:

I’d prefer to have replies here or discord. I have renewed my sub, but will only be online very sporadically until at least the pre-patch events.
My tag is Elfeaterdk#2334. On Discord it’s Elfeater#9369.

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Hey Elfeaterdk, if you’d consider a Horde guild on Chamber of Aspects, All Desire the best looking guild EU, I’m sure we’d love to have you on board. We’re a very active guild with a TON of active players. We have recently recruited quite a few returning and new players too, so you would feel right at home we feel.

We raid twice a week progress, into SL we’ve shuffled to raiding Mon/Thu 20:00-22:30ST the other days we just do … Stuff? M+, achievements, alts … Look we have a lot of fun.

We’re no CE guild, never will be, but we do Mythic raiding and we’re looking at getting to the 2nd half of the Mythic raid in SL. Our forte is an EXTREMELY lively guild, gchat and Discord (some channel names could get me banned on forums for a few weeks), helpful people, and calendar stuff almost every day of the week.

We have all types of players, raiders, socials, bit of both, achievement hunters… And we have many of each so we make events for every type of player and they all get plenty of people attending.

Give us a shout if this sounds good to you. We like to welcome people by making it easy to jump in too, we advise joining our disc or rolling an alt on the server if you want to have a look before jumping in.

LepantoESP#4381 on Discord

Hey there

Have a look and contact us if this interests you!

Tooth and Fang> EU - Draenor - Horde

Guild Status: Semi-Casual

Looking for a friendly, encouraging guild to join? Well Tooth and Fang may be what you’re looking for. We welcome raiders, M+'s and socials to come and join our pack!

About Us
Tooth and Fang was founded in 2017 as a guild building a family friendly atmosphere. Since then we have grown where we have 2 raiding teams, a semi-serious for progression and experienced players and a casual for alts and those looking to take their first steps into the raiding world.
Regular M+ runs are encouraged and actively sort within our discord and guild chat.

With SL on the horizon we are recruiting more like minded people to come and join the chat and events the guild has to offer. Interested in raiding? We are looking for more dps to join the ranks. All are welcome. Interested? Well come and have a chat and we look forward to meeting you.

Discord info https://discord.gg/KJAWssb Feel free to share our discord link !

T & F