[H] Rogue looking for casual-ish raiding/m+ guild

Hello, I’m Xuelong.

I’ve always liked raiding and m+, I’m sort of competetive. Back in my old guild me and a friend used to compete for number 1 dps spot in the raid (I’d say I won, but y’know ).

I quit WoW for a while at the start of BFA, before I really got to do the raids. Now I’m back, but I’ve got no one to play with and it’s hard to get into decent groups to gear up as a solo dps. Now, you might think “You don’t seem like you’re looking for something casual”. Well, the thing is. I work in healthcare and I’ve got horribly irregular shifts. So I won’t always be able to make it to raids. Which throws pretty much all the more hardcore guilds out the window.

If you’re a guild that doesn’t mind me occasionally missing raids, and you do at least HC I’d be super interested!
What I offer would be:
A dps who strives to be top damage, but isn’t a huge dick about it.
A positive, social attitude.
A mistweaver alt which I love playing and can swap to whenever you guys are in need. (once I gear it up a tiny bit more)

Thank you all for reading this far, I appreciate it! And I hope I don’t seem way too needy.

[Edit] I also forgot to add! I’m down to do PvP too, 2’s or 3’s are cool! (I’m a rogue, duh!)

Hey there!

Not sure what server you play on, but Fruit Vendor on Draenor is always looking for chill people to join us. We’re raiding thursdays and sundays 8pm to 11pm server time. For the remainder of BFA we aim to get Ahead of the Curve, currently 6/12, and potentially setting foot in Mythic if we are to get a roster for it.
A lot of us have previous Mythic experience.

For Shadowlands we aim to be a semi-hardcore guild, trying to get as far as we can through Mythic raids and hopefully getting cutting edge.

Outside of raiding we’re a pretty chill guild, hanging out on discord, doing some m+.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, add my battletag Miltic#2900
Hope to hear from you :smiley:


Please check the recruitment link below, if you like it, you can add me to discuss more.

Hey, I’ve sent you a friend request on battlenet (Symbiote)! I currently play on Magtheridon but don’t mind swapping servers. Would it be possible to join a raid at some point so I get a feel for the guild before I actually swap servers though?

Hey there check out our post and let me know if you are interested :slight_smile: