[H] Rogue looking for raiding guild

Hey! So I’m looking to move to a more active realm and am hoping to find myself a guild to settle into for some CN raiding and 9.1 content. I have achieved ahead of the curve but have no mythic raiding experience. I can only raid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Any time is fine. I also enjoy the occasional m+ (have the 10+ achieve but not 15+) and general casual shenanigans.

My main is currently a Alliance 219 Demon Hunter on Silvermoon, but I frankly miss the horde and want to relearn assassination Rogue after having raided with it in Warlords of Draenor. I am only 199 ilevel with this character atm, but I have ample raid experience and am willing to put the time into gearing him myself.

My bnet is ThisIsJam#2757 for any contact.

Hi Zarreck! My guild may be of some interest to you. A bunch of us have just moved from a low-pop alliance server to Draenor (Horde). We’re not raiding at the moment but are planning to get back to it in the next few months.

You can learn more about us here -

Feel free to contact me (or jump on our discord) if any of that interests you. Otherwise, good luck with your search! :slight_smile:

Hi Jam,

Would love to speak with you more.

Have a read of our recruitment and if it interests you, please do contact me on battlenet.

Hey :slight_smile:

Check us out -> [H][EU][⋆ Divide et Impera ⋆] is looking for Dedicated Raiders for its Main Core