[ H | ROMANIA ] xHero - 5/10 MYTHIC

Hello everyone!

< xHero > is a Horde guild on Twisting Nether EU founded in June 2020, notable for being considered one of the most popular and active Romanian communities.

A large number of our members are doing mythic+ keys, while the others are focusing on raiding and pushing gladiator ranks in the arena.

Currently, we would like to extend the roster of our raiding team, therefore the recruitment is now open for all exceptional players that would like to surpass their limits in a friendly, drama-free environment.

Our raiding days (RO time):

  • Wednesday - 20:30 - 23:30
  • Thursday - 20:30 - 23:30
  • Monday- 20:30 - 23:30 (Optional)

Loot system: Personal loot.

Given most of us now have jobs and families, 100% attendance is not required and we fully understand that some commitments are more important than the others.

Other reasons to join us:

  • Periodic Glory of the Raider and many other achievement runs.
  • Active discord server with a friendly community.
  • Fun events such as: #:gift:lottery , #:moneybag:deathtroll , #:1st_place_medal:fashion-contest , #:hamburger:food-delivery , #:facepunch:bar-fight , #:busts_in_silhouette:bank-robbery and a lot more to come!

If you would like to become part of our guild or simply find more details about us, feel free to contact Guppy#21554 via battle.net or apply via the Guild Finder feature.

Socials are always welcome.

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Fun. Fun. Fun! Great Guild.

Waiting for all of you to join us.

Recruitment update:

First Raiding Group:

  • Raid Leader
  • Disc Priest
  • Ranged DPS
  • DH/Monk Tank

Second Raiding Group:

  • All players with 180+ ilvl are welcome to join.


  • Affliction Warlock
  • Boomie
  • Monk DPS
  • DH Tank
  • Hpala
  • Disc Priest

All players with high experience in previous expansions are considered, regardless the priority list from above so don’t hesitate to contact us!

It’s the kind of guild that you wanna raise your kids in, true story.

it’s one of the most friendly guild I have ever been part of.

All fails are met with an equal amount of mockery and encouragement to boost one’s spirit.

Progress update: 3/10 Mythic!

All exceptional players are welcome to apply.

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Wanted to join as a social but i dont think i can make it with those rules.

What rules are you talking about?

So far we have organized a raid every Sunday, we carried most of them to 10/10N, we hosted rated battlegrounds to get them to 1600 rating for 213illv gear and we also carry our socials in Mythic+ keys.

Please don’t spread bad information.

The only rules we have for our socials are to behave properly when interacting with players that are not part of our guild, especially Group Finder. And to keep a decent language on the Guild Chat.

If you are part of xHero, you represent xHero, we have a clean reputation and would like to keep it that way.

“The only rules we have for our socials are to behave properly when interacting with players that are not part of our guild, especially Group Finder. that one, why would you care about what your socials do, and why would you do content with the socials, is not like you gonna use them for progress, in all the guilds that i have been in there are 2 types of socials, the ones that were raiders and are good at the game so you can do decent content with them, and the ones that are there just for the social aspect and not really playing the game, and this is not classic, no one cares about the guild/community, they just judge you on your own actions, i never looked on a player that i invited for a key and say” this guy is from that guild, he must be toxic/trash". I am in this guild Just Kill the Boss, whisper my gm and tell him that im toxic, do you think that he will give a crap about what i do outside the guild?

Thank you for the quick reply, I respect your opinion and 100% understand your point of view, but allow me to disagree.

In our guild, everyone has a chance to try both PVE and PVP. We don’t make any distinctions between who is good at the game and who is not.

If for example a player has never tried PVE but he is really decent at it after attending one of our social raids, then he is welcome to join the raiding team if the schedule is suitable for him/her. Goes the same way for PVP.

As per the description, we are a casual guild with 3/10 Mythic progress when this post was created. After all, maybe our foundation is built around that ‘WOW Classic Community’ element you mentioned and we would like to keep it that way, regardless.

All our members are 25+ years old, have kids, jobs, families, and find it hard to dedicate as much time to the game as we used to do.

Just because you have Gladiator, Cutting Edge, and everything that is obtainable this season, doesn’t mean you are right, and most important of all, every guild has its policy.

The guild that i used to raid before they disbanded was like 27 for the age avg, but we were not raiding more than 3 days a week and in the past month we only raided 2 days a week because people could not have showed up, we had people raid logging and the people that were playing outside the raid had to carry them through m+ and arena boost for gear, but since they were good people we did that and always finished atleast top 200 even with people playing 12 hours a week. The good part about finishing the progress fast is that you only have to play like 4 hours a week till next patch, in theory guilds that finish the progress faster end up playing less than guilds that dont.My point is that it doesn’t matter how much time you put in wow, it matters what you do in this time, i could have done rbg’s with the guild and have an easy way to 2.4k and get that 233 weapon but that takes way to much time since the rbg’s are long, so i went and did that in arena’s in half the time it would have take for doing rbgs. Maybe you guys enjoy playing for an extended period of time, but i like to tryhard the first 1-2 month’s, be done with everything and log 4 hours a week till next patch so i wont get burned out when the patch hits.

Crunktusk cel mai tare GM

The Mythic Raiding team is still looking for 1x Heal and 1x DPS to join the roster. If interested, ping me in-game!

gg 5/10 boyss