[H-RP] Hand of the Titans is recruiting!

(Anroka) #21
The Hand of the Titans banner has been planted on Tanaan soil!
Exciting times, while the server campaign is under way, and we get to RP side by side with our allies.

The war for Draenor is still far from over, but of course it's already time to start looking ahead to the next expansion. Fortunately it seems Legion will be right up our alley.

Dreanor has been great to us. The guild's story and that of its people has progressed strongly and we've had great times to share. Still, I have been missing Azeroth. It will be good roleplay there again, both on the greatest adventures, and enjoying the company of friends on more social gatherings.

(Nakhara) #22
And here we go!

We're right in the action, based in Rangari Refuge along with other guilds, teaming up to bring down the Fel Horde.

I'm happy with being in Tanaan if it means I can get Nakhara a damn good name for herself!
But yes, I definitely miss Azeroth. Good thing is, though, we're getting a lot more social rp between guilds and even random role-players since we moved to Tanaan! Good times.

(Anroka) #23
The story continues for the Hand of the Titans. Right now, we're working with 6 other guilds in Tanaan. It's been an amazing time. The cooperation has been magnificent. The war in Tanaan is not over. Stories remain to be told over the coming few weeks.

After that, we will continue to seek new adventures to enjoy together. Legion is still on the horizon, so it'll be the opportunity to create new adventures of our own, on Draenor and Azeroth. I very much look forward to it.

(Calkrow) #24

I've recently re-subbed and I'm looking for a good RP guild. I'm likeing what I've read in this thread and on your site. However I'm wondering as someone who hasn't done any content since Cataclysm whether this will limit what I can be involved in?

(Anroka) #25
Greetings, Calkrow!

I'll give you an honest reply: Yes. Right now the Hand is involved in a cooperation with 6 other guilds, working in Tanaan (the final, most dangerous zone of the last expansion), both our own things, as goals shared with the other guilds, until the end of that campaign, near the end of this month. Until the end of that campaign, it will somewhat limit you from attending some of the events. Not all RP takes place there. But there will be several events per week, for the coming weeks, where that is definitely the case, and a good number of those events wouldn't be safe/possible to attend until level 100.

For the Hand, the adventure opportunities the world of Draenor has provided have been greater in number than any expansion before it, and we've made grateful use of that. There will no doubt be more adventures on Draenor as well, until Legion, as the story of Warlords of Draenor ends, and we end up our own stories in WoW's settings until the next expansion.

But not all RP will take place there. And not all RP taking place there, will be unavailable to lower levels. We try to make it as available to low levels as possible. It's just not proven that viable in Tanaan, much to our regret. The combat-focused RP anyway.

But, there is still much social RP. And we can certainly meet new members, help them along, and roleplay with those not at the maximum level. And the campaign in Tanaan will soon come to a close, giving us freedom to organize RP and adventures in more suitable locations for lower levels.

I hope that has helped answer your question. If you would like to ask more, feel free to send me a whisper on Anroka, Caernax or Gosa (-Moonglade). A "/who Hand of the Titans" will show you all our members online. Word of warning: A lot of us are nocturnal :).

(Wenqian) #26
Hi, I am rather new to the sha'glade cartel mixed server and I want to know, if I am apart of moonglade but if the guild is on another server of the three will it still allow me and my friends to join or would we be blocked from doing so, and I just read through the first entry of this thread and I am rather interested in the guild, if you could get back to me when ever possible it would be much appreciated.

(Rocmar) #27
19/10/2015 19:31Posted by Wenqian
Hi, I am rather new to the sha'glade cartel mixed server and I want to know, if I am apart of moonglade but if the guild is on another server of the three will it still allow me and my friends to join or would we be blocked from doing so

Yup. You'll still be able to join.

(Anroka) #28
Thanks for answering the question, Rocmar! :D

Welcome to the server, Wenqian! It is a fortunate thing, the server merges we've had. The Sha'glade Cartel group of Moonglade/Steamwheedle Cartel/The'Shatar is effectively the same server. People from all three servers can join all guilds. It's been rather great meeting all our new friends, and these days all the guilds have members from all servers in them :).

I'll add you to my Friend's List, and I'll see if I can get in touch with you. You can also always send me a whisper on Anroka, Caernax or Gosa. A "/who Hand of the Titans" should give you a list of everyone currently online. I'm online most evenings.

(Leynre) #29
I truly cannot recommend HoT more, it's very dear to my heart and in the months since I joined it it has proven to be a really engaging and endearing community. Both ic and ooc. I've made some really close friends here.

(Krizbolt) #30
Was a pleasure to join The Hand on one of their missions the other day. Such a lovely bunch of people :)

(Khardren) #31
Throm-ka! The campaign in is over but the RP for sure ain't. Hand is still mostly based in Draenor but our events will take us all over the gameworld. Join now and be part of this wacky bunch of great people.

(Evildarling) #32
Hi :)

I was just wondering whether you were more of a casual or hardcore RP guild? I'm a beginner RP'er and I've been looking at your guild for some time here, but I'm already just a casual PVE player and I have to say, that I will choose RL over the game if events should coincide. I just don't want to commit myself to things I can't keep up with :) You sound like a bunch of nice people and I would hope there to be a little spot for a beginner :P

(Cynvelia) #33

I would be interested in joining The Hand of the Titans. I am a returning player (I actually started in WoW at launch, if you can believe that.) I have several characters, but I am re-learning the game with a Blood Elf Rogue.

Name is Cynvelia

(Anroka) #34
Greetings Evildarling and Cynvelia!

Thanks for taking the time to find and read the recruitment thread. Welcome back to the game, Cynvelia. I'll add you to my Friend's List, and we'll do our best to get in touch with each other :).

To answer your question Evildarling, I will have to go into greater detail. We are a guild that offers hardcore RP. But that doesn't mean we require you to be present every day, or prioritise your online time over your real life. Do not be worried about that. We have plenty of members that can only be online a few times a week. :)

"Hardcore" RP in this case means that the guild's main priority is providing roleplay. It's an interest we've all chosen, and therefore a way for us to have fun together, when we have the time and mood for it. We run lots of RP events, from combat to social RP. But you're under no obligation to attend them, and if someone misses one or more events that are part of a larger campaign, we do our best to fill them in.

We very much enjoy roleplay! The challenge of which, is to design and play a viable and developed character that fits seamlessly into this amazing world, and gets to experience and adventure as a part of it, with other players. As a result, we do make sure we do our best to stick to lore of the game. For new players, or those not very familiar with the lore of the game, that may be intimidating. Joining a new guild is intimidating to begin with, for a beginning roleplayer. I understand that well.

I want to assure you however, that we are very much open to beginning roleplayers as well, and give them what guidance we can, to help them on their feet, and get involved. All I'll require from new roleplayers is that they are adaptable, and are open to advice. I'm also also always happy to answer any questions, or do some brainstorming with applicants. Feel free to send me a whisper on Gosa, Anroka or Caernax (-Moonglade).

See you on Azeroth!

(Evildarling) #35
Hello Anroka

Thank you so much for you in-depth and fast reply! I've written characters for wow before, researched background and all, but never found or had the courage to put them in use for RP.
I'll be sure to contact you in-game whenever I have a character ready to meet you :D

(Nakhara) #36
Haha, well. Happy new year everybody!

It's awesome to see all the replies this thread gets. What can I say? This guild's basically my second family by now. I can't recommend anything better. Right now we're all involved in various plots all over the world(s) as the conflict in Tanaan is over and Legion is still not out.

Honestly? This is maybe the best time. All the personal plots of players and creativity is the thing I like the most.

And remember to come ask Nak for a spar from time to time, it's always good.

(Kelmorven) #37
Joined this guild several months ago. What can I say, great people, great roleplay and a great guild.

(Linaet) #38
Have been with the Hand for over a year now, joined via the older/previous thread. The gang here are very friendly, social and worth calling friends. The guild is genuinely concerned with helping support other guilds on the server too, and social events are as plentiful and fun as combat ones.

You might also get a cool nickname too. So, there's that.

(Katharine) #39
Good morrow! Even though I've only been around for a few months (And started only early February 2015 with actually playing!) I can say with a sound heart and mind, that the Hand of the Titans is one of the friendliest bunch of people, with many events going around both social and combat,

And not to mention, everyone is pretty chill with each other, if there is something wrong, you can always get help from someone in the Hand, I 100% love being here, to both just chat and laugh and being able to be very creative roleplaying wise too. (I was even able to make my own chain of event for people to join, I love it!)

Thinking that is all, Shadow guide you all to the Hand!

(Anyel) #40
Sometimes, the Hand members go for a drink at Gravy's like ordinary people.