[H] <Simulacrum> Draenor - 1/10M SOD - LF HEALERS/DPS for MYTHIC RAIDING (also interested in merge)

still up…

DKs and warlock NEED!

huntsman down. still need 1 dk and 1 warrior

need a healer with dps os asap

still need that healer with dps os

LF 1 healer!!!

spot opened for 1 warlock, and we still search for 1 healer with dps os

still up…

up, need MONK

spot opened for a tank also, DH/Monk/Pala

still need DPS!!!

hungering down, going for sunking, need big deeps!

upupu need DEPESE

still need a firemage for blastingggggg

upupupu need that mage/monk for deeps

need those big deeps


sunking down, going for inerva

need 1 SP!

spots opened for a SP and a MM or any other dps class with very good logs!