[H] Social community & cross-realm raid (Discord based)

Fortune Favoured is a social community, mostly based on regular posters of the World of Warcraft Forums - but over the time a lot of other people joined.

It’s currently a very active community with a ton of conversation, LFG and events going on on a regular basis such as M+, raids, transmog/achievement runs occasional role play or joke events like war games.

For Shadowlands, we are building a one-day raid group with the goal to clear both normal & heroic - and then try a few Mythic bosses once cross-realm Mythic becomes available.

The raid team consists of a wide range of players who participate with the goal of having fun. This will not be a super focused group that will efficiently progress at the fastest possible pace. You can expect a lot of jokes, laughter and talk with the clear goal of AOTC and a couple of Mythic bosses.

The players participating vary all the way from CE players to people collecting their first raid experiences in Shadowlands. Generally speaking we value personality over player skills.

The raid day is Saturday, 20:00 - 23:00 server time.
We don’t require high attendance.
Organisation is done over Discord only.

Discord invite:

in order to sign up, please head to the #sl-raid-info channel.


Hello. I was interested in joining, but discord link shows to be timeout.

Sorry the link expired, I’ve replaced it with a new valid one :slight_smile: does it work now?

Yes. Thank you!

we are doing an Eternal Palace glory run this Saturday :slight_smile: