[H] Swedish Healer LF Heroic Raiding Guild

Hi there,

I am a swedish veteran WoW-raider looking for a friendly and social raiding guild in Shadowlands. Preferrable healing, but don’t mind playing DPS as offspecc.

Class: Disc/Holy Priest or Restoration Shaman.
Server: Does not matter, will transfer.

Ideally a 1-2 day raiding guild that aims to get at least Head of the Curve with some mythic raiding as a plus.

To keep a long story short; been playing since vanilla. Raided hardcore in TBC (Sunwell) / WoTLK (server first Naxx). Been raiding semi-casual in MoP, Cataclysm, Legion and BfA. Want to get back to steady progression raiding in Shadowlands.

Currently: raiding as Disc Priest in Classic.

Sounds interesting? Hit me up on Bnet Shellac#1198 or Discord shellac#2421


Have a look, we do need dps at the moment, but healers are always in demand