[H] - [Tarren Mill] - Trio LF guild

Hey ya’ll!

So as said in the title, we are a trio looking for a guild. We met raiding together in classic and now we want to give Shadowlands a go! We are planning on playing a prot paladin, BM hunter and third player is so far undecided must mostly leaning on warlock (or warrior/priest)

We’re looking for a casual and mature atmosphere to raid in, we all have experience from playing various amounts in various different expansions.

Feel free to hit me up for any questions or tell us if you have room in your gang for some jolly good raiding.


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Hello there, take a look at this

Nyx is a semi-hardcore Late Night mythic raiding guild that is looking for more players to fill up our mythic raiding roster. We are a group of raiders who have decided to band together and create this guild.

We want to raid competitive and experience the endgame content respecting to people’s personal lives.
It is therefore crucial that when we raid so few hours, everyone is taking this seriously and being prepared!
As guild we are aiming for cutting edge, with existing cutting edge experience in our roster and lead team. With that said, we have 0 tolerance for toxic players and big ego´s.
we want everyone to have fun while we work towards our goals, and to work as a team is key to that, and so it has to be for you, if you want to raid with us.

The guild is built and will be run on the 3 founding pillars namely efficiency, transparency and communication.We aim to have an efficient, light hearted meaningful progression in a relaxed raid environment is our main goal.

Raid Schedule

Raids per week: 3
Raid days: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays
Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 - 00:01 Server time - Sunday 20.00 - 23.00
Attendance: 90% required
Language: English

To know more about us and what we can provide and what we expect from you, please apply to our discord channel or get in contact with one of our recruitment officers: Lazer#2711


I’ll hit you up after work for more information. One of us is not 100% sure on wednesdays so still open for other guilds if they are interested but initially sounds good. :slight_smile:

Hi there!

If you are open to play a dps pala we might have a home for you:

Check us out and let me know!


Hello Apusaiyan
sry for late reply :frowning: are you the on i talked to the other day ? otherwise you are welcome to add me and have a talk :slight_smile: