[H][Tarren Mill] Wretched 3/9M LF 1 Warlock and 2 DPS

(Nascarnsxx) #1

Wretched has transferred to Tarren Mill from Nagrand realm, to keep the guild rolling and evolving to a higher ranking guild.

We are looking for the following classes:

  • 1 Healer (we are only looking for a Shaman or Monk)
  • 1 Really good melee DPS (Rogue preferred)
  • 1 Warlock
  • 1 Balance Druid / Shadow Priest

Exceptional applications will always be progressed and get a chance of joining regardless of recruitment status.

The guild’s aim is to be a Cutting Edge guild through the whole expansion!
If you would like to be with a team that does not give up on playing together and a guild leader that lives for his players and keep it going for many years, then we are the team for you!

For more information add me on Battle.tag or join our discord channel: discord.gg/rPRFbqM

The guild
Wretched is a semi-hardcore, semi-social guild, preferring the prio over the latter, especially when it comes to raiding. The guild has been remade at the launch of Legion by veteran players with the same mind set as each other. Our goal is to be a Cutting Edge guild in whole BFA and trying to be a strong guild in general.

To prove our dedication, Wretched is holding the Realm First Guild Rank 25! Feasts of Strength achievement that we achieved on Nagrand realm.

We have the following expectations towards the players wanting to join us:

  • 100% Attendance
  • Know your class, it’s specs and itemization(s)
  • Be mature and respect the guild and other players
  • Be prepared for the raids since we are, after all, a raiding guild; reading up on any Boss fight (be it a farm or progress boss) is mandatory as well as bringing potions to the raids.
  • Have Discord installed, we don’t expect you to have a microphone, although it’s always a big advantage.

What we can offer you in return:

  • A mature and professional(ish) atmosphere, our core team raiding together since Cataclysm
  • The guild providing free flasks / food / gems and enchants to their raiders.
  • Fixed raid days
  • A fair loot council system
  • Leader team with years of experience
  • Drama free environment
  • A chance on mythic modes and achievements (as the progression does well)
  • But most of all progression and end game content.

As for raid times:
Monday 19:45 - 23:00 CET
Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 CET
Sunday 19:45 - 23:00 CET

Raid Invites starts at 19:45, (try to be online around that time so we can start pulling the trash by 20:00)

Fridays and Saturdays are usually off-days for off-raid activities or clearing older content / gathering achievements. (Yes we love Achievements)

If you think these rules are fair for you, don’t hesitate to apply to our officers by in game whisper or on battle.net:

  • Guild Master: NascarNSXX,Battle.tag: NascarNSX#2986,Discord: NascarNSX#1289
  • Guild Discord: discord.gg/rPRFbqM
  • Officers: Narbeleth, Shoel, Nyph

We are accepting Socials to bring the guild a more social atmosphere. For socials, we offer a friendly atmosphere and alt / socials raids during weekends!


Still looking for a good SP / Hunter / Ele Shaman / Warlock for our Mythic roster! :slight_smile:

(Nascarnsxx) #3

Still looking for the following classes:

  • Hunter
  • Ele Shaman
  • Shadow Priest
  • Rogue


Still looking for a good Hunter / Ele Shaman / Shadow Priest / Warlock for our main team to make sure the next raid will rain mounts from Jaina.


We are still looking for 2 more ranged player for our roster to kill Jaina.

  • Hunter
  • Warlock
  • Ele Shaman
  • Shadow Priest

(Nascarnsxx) #6

The first boss dead on Mythic and we are still looking for: Warlocks/ Hunters and Shadow Priests!


We are opening our recruitment for a Resto Shaman or Resto Druid! If you are interested please contact us!

(Nascarnsxx) #8

We are opening our recruitment for a Warlock DPS, 1 Shadow Priest and 1 good melee DPS prefer Rogue.

All we ask for is a competitive attitude towards Mythic Progression. We are having a decent team but some how cannot find the fitting last players.