[H] Temporary Solution [4/12] M lf holy pala/disc priest and a ww monk

Hey there,

We are a relaxed, laid back guild and want to get as far as possible in mythic. :slight_smile: With this attitude we managed to get 11/12 mythic in Nyalotha and want to have a similar or better progress this tier too. :slight_smile:

We are currently looking for :
-a disc priest or a holy pala
-a ww monk

Atm we are on 10/10 hc and 4/10 mythic. Raid days are Wed+Sun 20.30-23 .

If you are looking for a guild to have fun and still progress in a serious environment without toxicity then add me to have a chat.

You should have:
-hc experience and solid boss knowledge
-ilvl of 210+
-working mic and not too shy to use it
-be mature and dont take everything serious
-be able to take criticism and want to improve yourself :3

Add me on b-net for a chat. :smiley:


7 hc now!

WTB DH! Give me that 5%!

Also, Chickens need to flap! If you can’t flap, you aint a chicken! just saying!

At the moment open for more ranges, not only a chicken anymore :smiley:

Need more fresh meat! (fresh ranged meat)

In need of a brewmaster tank right now

In need of more dps for our roster! Especially a windwalker monk and an enhancement shaman!

I bring cookies! They are green and smell bad, but give you health!

As our lock already advertised, we have the best cookies!

The cookies are still hot and we are still waiting for a juicy dps with heal OS (ret, spriest, shaman)

Hey 211 ret 206 holy os are you guys still recruiting? Iv added on bnet dognoah29

Found our ret with holy OS, now in need of a healer :smiley:
Either disc or holy pala

Still in need of a juicy disc priest or holy pala for our healing team!

Still in need of more players for our raid team :smiley:

In need of a warrior that shouts for us! And some more ranges

In need of a few more reliable ranges for further progress in mythic

Come join us, in need of a healer and more dedicated ranges :smiley:

Only been a day, but figured I’d ask in case.
Is the healer spot filled?
If not, I’m interested in it.

Sorry for the late reply, yes our healer spot is filled atm. :slight_smile:
Still in need of more dps though :smiley:

We need a warrior to shout for us and ranges that are motivated to progress :smiley:

Looking for more reliable people in hard times like these. At the moment in dire need of a holy pala or a disc priest and a ww monk. Got Inerva on 7% and Sunking on 90%, just need reliable and dedicated people.