[H] <The Greater Good> - LF a few specific roles for BOD HC - recruiting again

(Veralyin) #80

We need more people to do some M+ too, apply if interested :slight_smile:


Send us an application, even if we aren’t specificly recruiting your class/spec. We will always consider you.


The funniest bunch i ever had the chance to met, If you are looking for fun social raiding this is the spot !

Also “for the greater good!”

(Veralyin) #83

We’re needing more members to add to our group, send the application and we will contact you soon!


Hi are you still after DPS? I have this DH along with a mage. :slight_smile:


Yes we are still looking for a demon hunter and a mage. If you are intrested please fill in the google form at https: // tinyurl. com/ycozateo (remove spaces)


Awesome. Filled the application dude.


Glad to have you aboard


Still looking for an extra healer and a few dps.
You would make me a very happy raid leader if you are a shadow priest.

LF Semi-Casual Raiding Guild
(Veralyin) #89

Still recruiting for a few spots, all roles will be considered!

(Veralyin) #90

Looking for more members! I’d love to share cookies with a fellow mage :smiley:

(Veralyin) #91

We’re still recruiting for raids or just as a social, come along!

(Veralyin) #92

Bumpy bumpy, we are waiting for more people to join!

(Veralyin) #93

Looking for more, send us the apply form and we will contact you soon :slight_smile:


what’s M+ activity like in the guilld?


Hello, We are always willing to do more M+.
Raiding is our core activity though.

(Veralyin) #96

Still recruiting for raids and also socials

(Veralyin) #97

We’re still looking for more, all roles will be considered

(Donkley) #98

Updated with a few posts we have vacant at present, please apply via application form and someone will be in touch for a chat and to answer any questions you may have - Thanks.


applied, Social/Raid combo :slight_smile: