[H] <The Greater Good> - LF a few specific roles for BOD HC - recruiting again

(Veralyin) #91

We’re still recruiting for raids or just as a social, come along!

(Veralyin) #92

Bumpy bumpy, we are waiting for more people to join!

(Veralyin) #93

Looking for more, send us the apply form and we will contact you soon :slight_smile:


what’s M+ activity like in the guilld?


Hello, We are always willing to do more M+.
Raiding is our core activity though.

(Veralyin) #96

Still recruiting for raids and also socials

(Veralyin) #97

We’re still looking for more, all roles will be considered

(Donkley) #98

Updated with a few posts we have vacant at present, please apply via application form and someone will be in touch for a chat and to answer any questions you may have - Thanks.


applied, Social/Raid combo :slight_smile:


Bump, still looking for some dps and a healer

(Donkley) #101

Updated, see top post for the 5 x DPS required, thank you.

(Veralyin) #102

We’re still looking for more :slight_smile:

(Veralyin) #103

Great progress yesterday night! We’re still recruiting more people to join us!

(Veralyin) #104

Apply to join with this form https: // tinyurl. com/ycozateo (remove spaces)


Still looking for

  • Dps DK
  • Warlock
  • 2 Random dps

(Veralyin) #106

We’re looking for DPS to join but all roles will be considered!

(Veralyin) #107

Looking for more to join the raid team and also for Mythic+ runs!

(Veralyin) #108

Uu’nat down too! Come and join us!

(Donkley) #109

For some reason original post cannot be edited at present. Update is now Curve on BOD and COS and BOD 1/8 Mythic. We are not actively looking for raiders at present as roster is full but if interested please apply and we will reserve a slot for you when one opens up. NB: We do not need any healers

(Veralyin) #110

2nd Boss on Mythic down too! We’re looking for people interested in M+ dungeons too :slight_smile: