[H] <The Greater Good> - LF a few specific roles for BOD Normal & HC

(Veralyin) #62

Still looking for more members!

(Donkley) #63

Tank and DPS wanted


Bump, still Tanks, Healers and DPS needed

(Veralyin) #65

Bump! We still need more people to join us =)

(Veralyin) #66

Tomorrow it’s patch day! Do you want to catch up before the next tier? Feel free to contact us =)

(Veralyin) #67

Bumby Bumby, we’re looking for more people to join :slight_smile:

(Veralyin) #68

Looking for more, all roles will be considered

(Donkley) #69

Updated 19th Dec. Looking for ranged and a few certain melee DPS, thanks.

(Veralyin) #70

Looking for DPS

(Veralyin) #71

The new raid is coming out soon, still looking for DPS!

(Donkley) #72

Update 22/01 - Healer needed, and a few DPS, please apply using the form

(Veralyin) #73

Still looking for more members!

(Veralyin) #74

Bump! All roles will be considered

(Veralyin) #75

We’re still recruiting new members!

(Veralyin) #76

Looking for new members to join, don’t be shy :wink:

(Donkley) #77

Updated 22nd Feb as first post looking for a few specific raiders.