[H] [Twisting Nether] Trio looking for a CE Guild!

Hello folks!

I’m in the search of a Guild which main focus is nailing CE from tier to tier in the future, on Twisting Nether. Preferably the guild in search would have 2-3 x 3-4hr raid days a week. We’re able to attend until 23:00 (Server Time). An extra day here or there when close to a kill or at the start of a tier would be completely fine. No matter if your guild is new or forming up, on the opposite: the fresher the hungrier. Although English has to be the primary language of communication.

As in the title, I’m not only applying for myself but for two other fellers as well; as we are closely connected in real life, we’d like to be so in game as well. Raiding in the same group and guild - that is.

Short intro’s:
the Kid

  • 26 years of age.
  • Plays whatever, adapts. DH most recently.
  • Has a kink for mechanics.
  • Has the most experience in the game out of us, despite being the youngest.
  • Raiding history from the times of Cata, in various roles.
  • Curved throughout BfA, CE in Ny’Alotha.
  • 3.1k .rio in S4, linked character is fresh.
  • Current DH armoury link:

the Lad

  • 28 years old.
  • Plays the easiest class in the game. (A hunter, for those in doubt. :joy:)
  • Has an obsession over Mythic+.
  • Started/came back to the game in early BoD, immersed in it afterwards.
  • Curved from BoD throughout BfA, missing Uldir. CE in Ny’Alotha.
  • 3.47k .rio in S4, taking a break after CE in late July.
  • Current Hunters’ armoury link:

the Dude - me

  • 28 years.
  • I, of course, play a Warrior.
  • I’m compelled to race the meters.
  • I’ve been on/off from WoW since MoP, short periods of play in every expansion since and really just got into it in BfA, big time.
  • Curved throughout BfA, CE in Ny’Alotha.
  • Curved in Emerald Nightmare
  • 2.97k .rio in S4, taking a break after CE in late July.
  • Current Warriors’ armoury link:

We’re all Finnish - we like banter, beer, bad jokes and boss fights. (Not in any particular order.) We all have a progressive mindset and a thrive to improve. We like to challenge ourselves through m+ outside raiding and are constantly keeping our game in peak performance. Good communication skills and knowledge of our classes. As we’ve all transferred & renamed or created new characters, one might find us a tad hard to track in wclogs/.rio. That said; I’ll provide links to the relative data, upon request.

If there would be a place for us in your guild, please contact me via Discord as EvilDonutMan#8970.

PS!!! Don’t mind the Avatar - I’ve recently carried out a transfer to Twisting Nether and Blizz won’t let me change it for some reason.

Thanks, looking forward to it!


Best trio you can get for u guild

Yeah, what he said, lol…

Also EDITED!!!

If you want 3 cutting edge players in your roster then these 3 are the players for you. On time, never miss a raid and comfortable with the most difficult of mechanics.

Do not miss your chance to aquire these lads.

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Thank you for the interest, but I’m afraid server hopping is out of the question.


this might be something for you! :slight_smile:

Hey you contacted me on my forum i added you on discord hope to get into contact with you soon :slight_smile:

We’ve attracted some interest, awesome!

Regardless, still looking for a place to stay & slay!

Please add me on discord for a chat, I’m sure we’ll fit right in.

EvilDonutMan#8970 - Discord