[H] Two ex semi-hardcore players (Tank + DPS) looking for Heroic guild

We are 2 long time players that have raided at a high level but don’t want to raid mythic anymore since we turned casual and our focus is mythic+ nowadays. We’re looking for a guild that will progress and clear heroic content from the current tier every week. Add my tag if you’re interested: Riddert#21439 :slight_smile:

Hey, for some reason I am not able to add you on discord. However, I’m trying to start up a raiding guild myself that might just be the right fit for you! Come take a look at [H] Silly Name Inc. a Heroic Guild Startup

If you’re interested just add me on discord! Or pop into the discord server.

Hello! In case you guys didnt find a guild yet, i’ll leave our post here.Tried adding you on bnet too :slight_smile:

Give me a shout if you are interested.Cheers!

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