[H]203 ilev resto druid looking for new home (able to server change)

Heya. I’ve ended up in a dead beat server, which doesn’t seem have guild where I could fit in and have some decent pve content going on. So time pack my stuff and change server

I’m looking for guild with raiding in mind, and also to gang up with peeps to do M+ content. My english is solid and ain’t afraid of voicecoms. And actually, before I’m going to hop in to other server for any of you, I’d like to have a casual meetup in discord with any candidates, maybe even do a one or two m+ dungeon while at, just to get a feel for how our chemistry line up and all that :slight_smile:

And that’s about it. Thanks for reading and have a good one

Hi @Yksi

I hope you are keeping well!

Please check us out and directly contact me if this should interest you.

Cheers mate

Hey! I think we may have the guild you’re looking for :slight_smile:
if you’d like to add me on discord Stace#6358 for a chat!

Hi Yksi

I think you would fit in our guild very well. take a look at the link see if its what you are after.

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