[H][A] multiclass LF guild

Hello there, I’m not sure what to exactly expect in SL. But it is the reason why I’m looking for a casual guild who can offer both PvP and PvE content and ofcourse a long term home.

About me:
I’m quite social and can play different classes and specs (mainly UH DK, assa Rogue and BM hunter) depending on the content I’m doing (even healers). I’m willing to play other games outside of WoW if that question would ever pop up. I am also willing to transfer realm/faction (For one character) if needed.

My past experiences is quite thin, there isnt much to write about it haha :slight_smile: . I used to raid during MoP, and i did some of the endgame content during legion aswell. I am also not the best PvPer out there but i did manage to reach 1800+ rating on 2v2 and RGB if that is something.

My schedule is flexible, meaning that i could adapt to almost any time, although i would prefer times in the evening (CET time).

My goal:
Possibly getting AotC or other PvP relevant achievements during SL

Bnet: kennetkraft#2105
discord: kennet kraft#9021

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Hey there

Please have a look and let us know if you will be interested: