[H/A]Arms Warrior LF Raiding guild

Hello , i recently rerolled to Arms warrior and trying to gear up , my ilvl atm is 205 i have also a Ret pala at 215 ilvl.I have 10/10 hc(both chars) and 1/10M (on paladin), i look for a raiding guild (any faction) with the same progress as me or at least close.I play since Vanilla and i have clear all the contents In hc and having some myhic progress aswell.Atm i dont have any logs for warrior but i can provide some as paladin .

Hey there, maybe you will like this…

Hey Takku, do you have a bnet or discord I could get ahold of you on, so we can discuss things? :slight_smile:

Hi Takku

if you check out our link below maybe we could be of interest to you
add me HOCKSTER#2290

Hey, please find attached our recruitment post