How long does it take for mails sent to Hacks@Blizzard.com to get looked into?
Also how long does it usually take for the reported player to get banned?

It depends, they have a massive load of mails daily sometimes it’s just spam or mails with seemingly cheats but not actually so - just bugs or players legitimately multiboxing.

After an investigation, if the players are guilty they may be earmarked for a future banwave. Very rarely do players get banned immediately. A recent banwave already happened at 1 July for example. Actions Taken Against Exploitation -- July 1 Update

Wasn’t that banwave only for WoW classic?
It’s been over two weeks and the player is definitely guilty. I hope they take him in the next one.

I spoke with a GM first and they only said to report it to Hacks@Blizzard.com.
Wish they could’ve banned him when he was actually doing it. Instead he got to keep ruining the game for others for two weeks. He reached his goal and stopped doing it now.

I don’t believe GM’s CAN ban players, thats up to an entirely different team.

Generally they gather evidence, they investigate the bot program people are using and, only when they can block the bot altogether, do they do a ban wave. Yet massive ban waves can often have their origins with one player reporting another cheating player.

Still not banned smh. https://imgur.com/a/ZZZQv01

So after reviewing said screenshots: I just see a multiboxer, who is sometimes in BG too.
What is the issue?

How does one multibox in several different BGs at the same time? And also do very little damage or healing?

Oh I see your point now, that does look suspicious.

But one could use multiple screens, I have seen some very big setups I guess on WoW streams. If you did report them, they may have already finished their investigation and either concluded that it’s possible thus innocent or earmarked them for a future banwave.

But that’s not in your hands anymore though. From my own confusion however, if you did not clearly explain this in your report to Hacks@Blizzard it may be dismissed as “just another multiboxer report”.

Oh, I clearly explained it alright. The second screenshot is from Ashran and he had his rogues placed out along the road, all in stealth. He only ever fights if someone happens too find him. He even had one of his horde chars on the other side in that same BG.

How could anyone possibly play the multiple screen way with 7 accounts and not AFK on the rest of them while playing one of them?
Maybe the problem is that the people at Blizzard are just like you and don’t actually look at things?

Edit: Adding another screenshot, this is from that same BG. He managed to get me kicked because I told the others about his AFK chars. https://imgur.com/VCU8oui

Isoboxer or something similar.

So there are programs that make it possible for people to play 7 accounts that are scattered across different BGs? But this guy can’t keep 4 of his chars together in one BG and barely does anything.

How do you know it’s the same guy? Also use the preformatted text to post a link.

Same achievement dates and collections. Also when I try to post a link the site pretty much says “no” so???

You see when you post this thing in the line above the text, </>? Highlight the link and press it. You can also use the ` around the text

It looks like this https://imgur.com/a/AAAAAAA

I see what you mean about the characters now. Just carry on reporting them. One more thing, this counts as naming and shaming so some people might report you.

People had been reporting this guy for months when I first sent anything to them or posted this thread. I don’t care if anyone reports me for this, I’m tired of all the cheaters and all other trash that Blizzard does nothing about.

Also, thank you for helping me with the thing, I am not used to posting on these forums.