Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

My character died yesterday because of this lag. Be careful guys.

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Connection to the game is having major issues atm also, any update on the matter ?

I just died on hc, cause I couldn’t log back in again. RIP

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my guess is that they lowered the server capacity on Wednesday and didn’t even bother to communicate that and now they keep silent till some ppl leave and they would justify that.


Tag them on Twitter as well about the issue - @BlizzardCSEU_EN - let’s get them to respond to this issue.

Huge issue, game running stable for some time and then suddenly you lag out for like half a minute. That’s certain death if you are unlucky. Hardcore is unplayable with this. Hoping for a hotfix.


Hello there,

Moved this thread over to the Customer Support section so we can try to keep updates in one place.

No specific details just yet, other than to let you know we’re aware and investigating.

More info as we get it, and feel free to post updates here in case you notice any changes!


Massive lag on stiches plz do something about it it is not playable now .and lot of players losing their chars becauce of that … it is massive after update feom wensday.

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The lag on stitches is insane, you freeze for like 20-30 seconds, then you’re back. No statement? Unbelievable.


Normal realms are also affected.

Celebras is laggy since yesterday from common lags, to lags while sending mails (i even managed to remove the item again. It suddenly vanished out of my bags… but arrived at the recipient).

Loading the char selection screen takes ages, and the guild tabard is blank for a long time.

And it seems to become worse.
One of my bubble wasn´t able to ride from Thalanaar (Feralas) to Thousand Needles this evening. He always got a “Transfer aborted: Instance not found” message and was ported back to Thalanaar.
When he tried to log out, it didn´t work (he didn´t specify it any more, probably just didn´t happen anything) and hten he alt+F4 out of the game.
He can´t login anymore, but wasn´t more precise anymore. He said something about no connection to the realms.

Inspect isn’t working, mail sending with a 2 minute delay and switching servers is at times impossible.

Not sure if it´s related, but the last few month generally Instance changes are more laggy than it used to be.

For example when you are in one group, and both enter Stormwind at the same time, one does see the other running at the same place until the character “sprints” to the position it should be.

While following follow can be lost in that case.

Edit: A friend just told me that it was especially worse yesterday

This is not just on HC servers - I’m getting very slow loading screens on Auberdine since a few days ago, and it’s not like this server is busy or full - it’s still listed as “Low”. Symptoms are usually around switching zones, even entering the SW-IF tram tunnel will trigger it - load progress bar stays put for a good 20+ seconds then eventually it loads. My laptop is fairly good and this didn’t use to happen before the last update. When playing on my hunter my pet will sometimes lag behind then suddenly catch up running. Nothing changed on my internet connection either.

Did a laptop restart (just in case), a game Scan and Repair, disabled all addons - same symptoms - loading screens seem stuck for quite some time at about 90/95%.

Well how about displaying a warning message in the launcher as it is done for maintenance or other issues.

Just died on my main as I didn’t notice any issues when logging in startet attacking → disconnect and dead…

Today I died because of serverlag (Nek’rosh - Alliance).
I heard my character getting hit, I ran … and ran … and ran …
I tried to use Bubble, I tried to use potion, I tried to use LoH … I heard the sound of LoH an nothing happened …

Best thing … I got out of combat … could use my mount … and then …

Just look at it: https: // postimg. cc/XryP0mJv
(Had to break it up, because I can’t include links …)

I am fine with dying in HC because of my own fault.
I am fine with “go agane”, If I make a mistake … but that …

280 Blacksmithing (incl. Armorsmithing) / 245 Mining
225 Cooking / 200 Fishing

What the hell is that … no warning in login screen, no servermessage … nothing …
This is legit a “quit moment” … why …

I kindly request some kind of answer according this issue.
Have to say that my will to play is broken beyond repair …


They should absolutely be rolling back characters as fast as possible, I’m even furious about my lvl 10 that I just restarted on, can’t imagine losing your main to this.

Losing progress on Hardcore because of an internet provider or a server-side issue shouldn’t be acceptable. I’ve lost my main level 30 hunter on Stitches yesterday, because I dc’d with a single lvl 29 mob on me, while at full health with my pet well above half the hp.
10 days of careful and methodical play and grinding gone to a technical hiccup, not even one on my end.
There’s no point in starting a new character either, as there’s no telling it wouldn’t be lost the same way, potentially even further down the road. Unless there’s a rollback, that’s a quits for me.


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