Having issues with the 200 Mount achievement

Go to the statistics page. Type mounts owned in the search bar. That will tell you how many mounts you have that is useable on your current side.

Do -NOT- consider the mountotal in the journal, its only an indicator of all mounts, including opposite faction ones.

I don’t have anything other than horde and each toon has no more than 2 class mounts - 4 toons total is say a deduction of 6 - so I remain confused

Class mounts like the load of paladin mounts ONLY counts on the char that can use them.

My BDK is my main - my other 3 toons have a coupe of class mounts - 211 minus 6 is not 158

Is the 211 your total mounts listed in journal?

Yes - 211 mounts - 158 towards achievement - so my other 3 toons have 53 mounts between them I can’t use?

I’m exalted with every faction that gives a mount other than 4 WOD and my other toons don’t have those either

Looked in your profile, yes, the total is 211 I see. But I also see you got a LOT of alliance mounts. Its been said repeatedly in the thread. Opposing faction mounts does -NOT- count towards the mount achievement on one side. I daresay all your alliance mounts makes exactly up for the difference together with class mounts.

I have never had an alliance toon - I can’t have alliance mounts

various gryphons, horses, mechanostriders, elekks and more in your collected mounts on your profile. Perhaps you are sharing your account with a family member or had once?

No - not one mount on that collection could be gathered by anything other than horde because I have never rolled an alliance player

go check in game, see if gryphon, horse or elekk shows up in your journal.
If they have a blue mark in the name tag on the left side, then they are ally only.

You get a gryphon in Zangamarsh - Lots is cross over in TBC WotLK and WOD

Like I said - I can’t fathom it -I don’t let it bother me - and I have just sat and mounted them all

There Is a glitch somewhere - and it appears from OP I am not alone

Think you are mixing up something. Theres exactly -0- gryphons available to the horde according to warcraftmounts.

The only explanation i can see that either youve forgotten or someone borrowed your account. You got a bunch of ally only mounts.

A suggestion, try hit the restore deleted character button on your login screen and see if any pops up.

Again - never played alliance on this account - this is mine alone

My son’s girlfriend stole my original account - and that hurt- I have been way more careful since I picked it back up in WOD

It’s possible that somehow the game has included some alliance mounts? I’ll ping a GM

But how an alliance mount gets in a horde toon ?

Answers on a postcard?

check your deleted chars on your login screen. see if any ally char pops up

But it mightve not been on that server tho, shared between all. But yes, probably best to involve a GM.

As far as I know you automatically get the Alliance mounts if you learn the Horde ones

Is correct, once you learn say a wolf from orc starting one as a Horde you earn the Alliance equilavent horse as well. These will count towards the total count on the in-game journal and Armory, whereas the achievement count will remain the same as it is obviously not useable on horde.

Class mounts and proffesion mounts only count on the toon you can use them on afaik, whereas the order hall mounts count towards the total.

As the others have mentioned, your ingame Mount collection shows ALL mounts on the account, even the ones you can’t use like opposite faction mounts for example.

Some faction mounts will also unlock the opposite factions version, which is how you can end up with both, Steeds/Wolves, Rams/Raptors, Mechanostriders/Kodos for example.
Mechano-Hog/Mekgineer’s Chopper is another prime example, get one, get the other faction version too.

Near the top of this list is the Armored Snowy Gryphon, which would have come from you learning Armored Blue Wind Rider, just as an example. There’s many more in there too that you can see are Alliance mounts, Stallions, Mechanostriders, Rams etc.

That is the difference between the mount collection number and the achievement though, the difference between account total across both factions and the max usable by a single character on the account.

There are some wrong infos in this thread:

  • profession mounts count to achiev on all chars regardless u can use them or not
    -class hall mounts from legion count on every char
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