[H]Boomie and mage LF new home

Two buddies (boomie and mage) LF a Horde late night 2 day raiding guild on, preferably, Tarren Mill BUT Draenor, Kazzak and Twisting Nether are all acceptable. 3 days would work if we don’t have to be present for all 3 days all the time. Families, what can you do. Raid times from 21:30 to 00:30.

We are looking for a mythic raiding guild with a limited schedule with a “home” feel, where we can “set our roots”, push some m+, do general guild stuff, not just “oh its raid time, better log” type of atmosphere. Preferably with “older” roster, as in age, since we both belong to “older guard(ians of Azeroth)”. Not saying that “younger” crew is a problem, just understand we don’t talk millennial or gen z so you will probably have to draw :stuck_out_tongue:

What you get is two people who have mythic raiding exp from several tiers and expansions who are willing to put in the effort and who aren’t afraid of their mistakes.

If theres a guild that thinks we would be a good fit or have any further questions, feel free to poke me on bnet (Solferin#2997) or discord (Kiyanni#7788)


Maybe check us out, not the exact fit you might look for, but you never know: