HC dead on mount - lag is nice

I died flying over wetlands. I spent all the day fishing without moving because the lag, and when i went to wetlands to change the fishing spot i die during the flight. thats not fair at all. thats not harcore. there was not a simple advice from blizzard for this.
Many people on my guild have die at the same time because they were on gryphon flight. My body is in a unreacheble place. * Theoretically players cant get of the gryphon. im pretty sure Blizzard could do a rollback with conditions.
Level 35 druid

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server files can’t handle the mount of players or something. I think they just used the vanilla files without updating it to some of the latest technologies ? xD

they should definitely add appeals for these deaths I died 3 times to DCs ( 2 of them were server sided) since I play a mage I cant survive a dc. Yesterday session was full of freezes for me and for players in my pt.

Login gateway is flooded somehow and throwing random connection errors at trying to login!

Blizz ?

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It’s a normal feeling, you invest a lot of time, days of /played only to lose it all to server lag. If my 60 died to server lag I’d be out too.

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