[H][Draenor] Temporary Solution 10/10 hc, 3/10 mythic lf a warlock

Hey there,

We are a relaxed, laid back guild and want to get as far as possible in mythic. :slight_smile:

We are currently looking for :
-a warlock
-a dk

We are on 10/10 hc and 3/10 mythic at the moment.

Raid days are Wed+Sun 20.30-23 .

If you are looking for a guild to have fun and still progress in a serious environment without toxicity then add me to have a chat.

You should have:
-hc experience and solid boss knowledge
-ilvl of 220+
-working mic and not too shy to use it
-be mature and dont take everything serious
-be able to take criticism and want to improve yourself :3

Add me on b-net for a chat. :smiley:

Battlenet: Rikachan#2491
Discord: Rikachan#0256

Still in dire need of our 4th healer, add me for a chat :slight_smile:

Hit me up for that healer spot :smiley:

Join us, we are still looking for our 4th healer!

Join us, in dire need of a ww monk atm!

In need of a nice monk buff, join us!


I am a windwalker monk and have a warrior friend, this seems amazing, I sent a friend request. Hopefully you got it and we can chat!

Woopsies my first message was somehow posted from a random alt of mine

Glad you added me, now we finally have our monk buff!
However, we are now looking for a chicken.

Unfortunately our warlock decided to stop playing wow for the time being, so we are in dire need of sumstone and cookies :frowning:

Unfortunately in need of a new healer (pala, disc, mw or druid). Add me to have a chat :slight_smile:

Still in need of a 4th healer!

Battle net request sent to Rikachan#2491

Now we found our druid healer :smiley: Still in need of a holy paladin though!

You guys still after a holy paladin?

Yes we are :smiley: If you are looking for a guild, just add me :smiley:

Eye died, now going for the nine and still in need of more ranges for our roster!

still in need of more ppl to bolster our mythic roster, including a healer (pala, priest or monk)