Heads Up - Sand, Sand Everywhere (Achievement)

By now many of you will either have hit or be close to hitting revered with The Enlightened and therefore be able to complete this achi. Beware!

The achievement finale involves opening and looting 7 sand piles all placed in the same room using the ‘Spatial Openers’ you collected during the earlier part of the achi and each pile contains item(s) of loot. If you have insufficient bag space to collect said loot from any of the sand piles, you will get the usual ‘bags full’ message.

DO NOT stop looting. If you do this then click the sand pile again, you will use another ‘Spatial Opener’ and not be able to complete the achi.

I, like many other players, fell into this trap and can no longer complete this achi. How the devs missed adding a simple error trap in their coding is completely beyond me, things like this don’t happen, do they? Even the ‘Spatial Openers’ are a one-time bop item, nice one there chaps :unamused:

I would make sure to have a lot of free bag space before you loot these damn sand piles. I usually start my day by emptying 40+ bag slots but these can fill up in half an hour’s play in ZM.

Good luck!


Thank youu

Thanks for the heads up.

You should put in a Ticket. Hopefully they’ll be able to refund your Spatial Opener.

I hate sand (quote).
Btw: thanks a lot

This has happend to me and I have put in a ticket and got the usual response " No work around available please submit a bug report"
When I entered the room there were only a couple of items I could click and gain loot I waited for re-spawn but gave up logged out and relogged a little time later to the items spawned I must have looted the one of the ones I had looted earlier I don’t understand how you can do that when all the Spatial Openers where named and linked to one of the spots in the room. Anyway my achievement is only 6/7 and there is no way of completing until they fix a work around.

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They can’t.

My friends last pile bugged, consumed the key and didn’t open it.

The ticket response is that it’s a bug, you have to do a bug report and the Devs will need to do something to fix this. There have been various reports made and they are aware.

You can’t get another key in the mean time and the only option is to do it on an alt.

That has absolutely nothing to do with the AV. You just need to loot the correct 7 treasures for the spatial openers.

Solid advise, I guess… although I’ll never understand why ppl even have trouble with bag space, just keep you 32 slot bags tidy all the time, and such bugs won’t bother you in the first place. … Each pile gives you one epic item and some grey ones… around 30 slots should be more than enough. :slight_smile:

This is really bad.

Atleast Blizz’s obsession with filling up our bags with pointless items has finally backfired on them, in the form of a bug they’ll need to fix.


I opened a ticket and of course got the expected response from the GM to raise a bug report. However, all may not be lost (for some?).

I managed at long last to get the key to the Domination Chest in ZM and lo and behold, there was another Spatial Opener inside it and so I was able to complete the achi.

I have no idea if the chest always contains an ‘extra’ Spatial Opener, it’s a bit of a mystery.

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Nice! Congrats!

They’ve done a hotfix now for anyone still struggling wtih this achievement :slightly_smiling_face:

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