Hello Blizzard

Any chance we get actual catch up mechanics before shadowlands ?
would be great to be able to play my 4 other alts thank you very much

neck quest is fun but once or twice is enough; can we get essences unlocked on main baseline and quicker cape corruption grind

quality isnt available in this patch so let’s try to make it fun a little

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As far as leveling in Shadowlands past 50 goes, neither neck nor essences, nor corruptions, nor azerite traits matter. Corruption will be gone with the pre-patch, essences and azerite traits will simply not work in Shadowlands zones.

So if all you want is a decent character to level with in Shadowlands, skip the cloak, the corruptions and all that. Just get them to ~430-ish gear (WQs & M0, basically), and you’ll be fine.

bring back wod or make wod classic thanks

so your solution is unsub till sl ? the quest gear from SL will outshine 430’s very fast

I want to play my pal in “competitve” content, the same i play with my main, not do the same grind over and over for tens of hours before being able to do so…

the catchup we have at the moment is miserable

Get on my level scrub :sunglasses:

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what happened to the ‘looks like you’ve already completed this, do you want to skip?’ thing they introduced in legion and the start of BfA?

that should’ve been put in for the visions of n’zoth entry quest lines,
i’m a bit tired with having to do it over and over, its not short and its fairly difficult on fresh 120s

there’s a few of those, but some are indeed sorely lacking :pensive:

Like I said, if your aim is to have enough gear to level conveniently in Shadowlands, then the current grindy systems are completely pointless, and not worth playing past ~430 ilevel.

If you aim for more, well, it’s the end of the expansion. Whatever you wanted to push, should’ve pushed by now. Just because we’re close to a new expansion, free gear and character progress shouldn’t just be handed out.

Yes, Blizzard could’ve made the catchup systems better, or even introduced most of them sooner, from day 1, but what’s done is done. They did say they learned from it, and SL will have catchup built-in from the get go. They’re not going to touch BfA in meaningful ways any more.

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There are skips in the cloak questline

Would also be nice if we weren’t STILL being punished for playing multiple specs because of Azerite reforging costs.

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Wow feels like a second job. I started cloak quest now on my pala, a questline that is already 2hours long; i will never catchup corruption, never

i would have to do every assault every wq every daily on it and on my main and all my other alts but i’m not even sure that’s enough

not sure where you got the idea that i wanted to get my alts geared up for SL,
but what if i want to play my pala sometimes but also my other alts IN BFA ? i have to do the same thing for as many times as i have alts before being able to just run some M+, raid or pvp ? Sorry i’m not Desmephisto

Progress shouldn’t be handed out though in legion we had templates in pvp and i could just play what i wanted ALL THE TIME (pvp). And i still could do just the right amount of pve when i wanted or desired to increase my pvp ilvl by 1 or 2%.

Yeah today we’re close to a new exp so we can’t even just have essences unlocked automatically on every alt. you gotta farm those echoes mate

We have to do the same hour-long questlines instead of just playing what seems fun at the moment, you never know you might have to resub before being able to do so :man_shrugging:

tldr of my post if you want

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