[H][EU-Draenor] Group of Belgian friends LF Guild


We are a group of Belgian friends and looking for a mythic raiding guild. Our current CN progress is H9/10 or H10/10 and looking to complete heroic and start progressing on Mythic.

Currently, most of us are on Twilight’s Hammer, but are willing to transfer to Draenor as one of our group is already on that realm.


  • Resto Shaman (Beremans on Twilight’s Hammer - Salasander#2192)
  • Disc Priest (Priyona on Twilight’s Hammer, alt of: Feelthewrath/Bearhalla/Ragergamer)
  • Unholy DK (Shrimpqt on Draenor)
  • Balance Druid (Likeabaaws on Twilight’s Hammer - Sonix#2935)

Pref. a Dutch speaking guild, but any guild will be taken into consideration :slight_smile:

You can reach out to myself (Sonix) or Salasander in-game / send me a message on Discord (Sonix#8356) / reply on this topic.

Hi Guys,

Hope your well,
We currently have a wide range of belgian players in our guild as well as a mix of english and more…
The classes you guys play would fit in perfectly with us and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you more.

Please check out our post below and let us know if it interests you.