[H][EU][Draenor] LF newbie friendly guild

Me (26, Resto/Ele Shaman) and my girlfriend (23, Warlock) are looking for a newbie friendly Guild on EU-Draenor Horde.

We’re almost level 60 and want to play Dungeons, M+, Raids and PvP in a relaxed environment with friendly people who don’t mind beginners and could teach us a thing or two. I have been playing WoW on and off for a long time, but haven’t experienced the recent expansions. She hasn’t hit max level before, so everything is new to her, but she is eager to learn.

Battle.net: Shishigami#2588, Osiya#2534

Hey there,

We at Tooth and Fang are on the Draenor realm and are accepting people on a social basis :slight_smile: We also raid and M+ on a weekly basis so if this was something you were interested in getting into joining us on social basis would be a great start and we would be happy to have you both!

Add me on Discord - Elfilda#9187 or my battle net is Petrova#2255 for a chat further :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m the GM of Noobs with Keyboards (NwK), just here to drop off some info about us!

We are a newly created social Guild with semi-hardcore aspects, and tailored to everyone but treat our Guild as a safe space for players of lower skill level and experience. We do current activities where we can such as current content raiding, and M+. We also run old content for achievements, transmog, mounts and pets, and more! We also try to arrange some form of Guild event once a week :smiley:

Here’s the recruitment post for you to look through, if you like :slight_smile: If you have any questions please feel free to add me on Discord: Dan.#9870

Hi Starsonlol

You might want to check this out.