High GPU Power used in wow, GPU getting hot


I recently upgraded my pc to a 9900k cpu and a 2080ti.
Im very pleased with the performance of my new pc but i have one strange problem.

Whenever i leave Boralus and i get maxed out fps in the open world my GPU maxes out in both power used and clocks (around 2000mhz and 100% power draw) and the card goes HOT! i tried to cap my fps to 90 and it will still max out my GPU making it sound like a sawmill.

Anyone have any ideas why wow has decided to use max out of my GPU after PC upgrade when i cap the fps? i used the 2080ti on my old 6800k for a while and never experienced this problem in the open world, and i could be around 140 fps and the GPU would be silent.

Thanks in advance


did you maybe set the resolution scale to 200% or at least higher than 100%?
Are you running at 4k?

Removing Anti-Aliasing seems to have done the trick. Now its around 50-60% power usage.
If anyone has any other tweaking ideas please let me know!

I have 100% resolution scale and i play on 2560x1440 resolution.

these are some of the settings i can find in the config.wtf file

SET weatherDensity “3.000000”
SET RAIDweatherDensity “3.000000”
SET graphicsTextureResolution “3.000000”
SET graphicsProjectedTextures “2.000000”
SET graphicsEnvironmentDetail “10”
SET graphicsGroundClutter “9”
SET graphicsShadowQuality “1”
SET graphicsLiquidDetail “1”
SET graphicsSSAO “4.000000”
SET graphicsDepthEffects “4.000000”
SET graphicsLightingQuality “3.000000”
SET graphicsOutlineMode “3.000000”

If i should paste more of them please tell me.

what do you see as hot? 80 degrees under full load is normal without custom loop.

gpu boost automaticlly ups your clock speed as long as your card is not over 80 degrees.

Try using Vertical Sync it lowers resource usage, i have it checked and maxfps set to 60.